Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Part 2

The weekend fun didn't stop on Saturday.  We had a Sunday breakfast with Schumacher's (Uncle Johnny and Nene) before Eleanor's grandpa came to pick us up.
This is Dave's first grandbaby, and Eleanor's first time meeting him.  I promise she was more thrilled than the photo lets on!
On the way to Belvidere we stopped to do some grocery shopping, and then Dave and Lisa surprised Eleanor with a trip to Babies R Us to stock up on spring wardrobe must haves!  (Thanks Dave and Lisa!)

Next stop was a nice and relaxing Saturday at the house where Eleanor got to meet her Great Grandma Margaret (her namesake).
This is also Margaret's first Great-grandbaby and the meeting was so sweet and touching.
Grandma fussed over Eleanor the entire visit and just couldn't get enough of her. 

After dinner Julia arrived and got to meet her very first niece!
We stayed tucked inside all day Sunday and Monday.  The weather dropped to below zero and there was absolutely no reason we could think of that would force us out into the cold.  On Monday we grabbed the family for some quick photos before heading to the airport.
The Kummerow's-Four Generations

Grandpa, Dad and Baby
The girls
Family Portrait
You can tell by looking at these photos that Eleanor was in a great mood.  By Friday of our trip she was feeling 85% better and smiling and cooing at all her new family members.  Alex and I are sure that we made the right decision to travel despite her illness.
It was so worth it for her to meet all of her family.  Could you imagine denying her Great-grandma this opportunity?
Our flight home was rather uneventful.  She was actually awake for most of it and smiled at stewardess and other passengers.  She only fussed a little and we were able to quickly calm her.  Then she slept during the landing.  The flight was easy, but the drive to the house was nuts.  She stored up all her energy and cried the whole way in the car.  Alas we arrived home and she settled down quickly.  And last night we had the best night of sleep we have had in a while.  I love that Eleanor is so adaptable and easy-going.  I hope this keeps up as she gets older and traveling gets even more difficult!

We are so sad to leave family, but so happy to be home.  Back to the grind.  Girls on the Run registration starts tomorrow and we have a lot to do!

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