Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Improvement Complete.

Hooray! Our improvement projects are just about done!  Of course you know what that means.  When you have two lovely rooms you want more.  Fortunately for Alex, our wallet has run dry and this is our stopping point.  However, check out all of the great work he has accomplished! 
I wish I could find a before photo of this bathroom to compare.  It used to house a big box cabinet with an outdated shell sink.  A pedastal sink has been Alex's dream forever, and tile floors have been mine.  So when we found a leak and terrible mold in the back of this bathroom, we both just sorta grinned. 
Before, I had mismatched fixtures, and now they are all a lovely bronze that stands out against the stark white of porcelain and the most beautiful wall color ever!  We painted the bathroom Tame Teal from Sherwin Williams...although tame does not begin to describe it!
I shopped for some new towels for the room but couldn't find anything I liked in the short amount of time I gave myself.  When I put the "K" towels (a wedding gift) up they seemed to fit perfectly however.  Any chance to save a few $$!
You can see below the sink the beautiful tile floors that Alex spent countless hours installing.  We purchased the tile for 25 cents each from the Restore.  We couldn't have found a better deal.  Our one concern (and it's a big one!) is that we would run out of tile.  I'm happy to report that we had just enough.  Literally, we came down to the very last tile.  We had one left over but even it broke later in the day.  Let's hope we won't need to replace anything anytime soon!
It's hard to see with the window glare, but my dad purchased this great black and white photo for Alex for Christmas.  While it is against my better judgement to hang a Cubs picture in my house, you can't argue against how amazing it looks in my new bathroom.  The black and white is the perfect compliment to the fixtures and wall color.
Another great look at the tile and my beautiful matching fixtures!
Moving into the kitchen you can see the continuation of tile.  I know to you it must just look like a regular ole' tiled floor but to me it is heaven!
Finally, I wouldn't let Alex be finished until he painted the dining room.  We decided to keep the color in here consistent with the kitchen and hallway areas.  Eventually this will be the color that leads up the stairs and down the hallway as well.  I have loved this color forever!  My friend Maureen first introduced me to it.  It is also a Sherwin Williams color: Sea Salt.  Do not be deceived by the color swatch at the store, it is less green than it appears and is the perfect neutral to balance out any room while still adding color and light.
The color really tied together our mismatched dining room.  I would show you better photos but there are a few things on the table I am keeping hidden for tomorrow's post...the big Gender Reveal Party is tonight! 

My downstairs is coming together nicely, and all this after selling all the furniture we had and refilling the home with hand me downs!  Next up is the Living Room but that will have to wait! 

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