Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinterest Projects

It's a closet, no wait, it's an office!  My home office is now much more compact that it was a day ago!  And this time I can proudly say I did most of it.
If you don't know the story, check back to yesterday's post.  thanks to an awesome gift by an awesome friend, I decided to convert my office into the guest room, leaving the previous guest room open for a nursery.  That meant the office needed to move.  Thanks to a Pinterest find, we came up with a perfect solution!
I actually love it.  I love the bright color, I love the organization, and I even love the compact little space.  Hopefully it will help me to stay more concise and organized!
This project cost virtually nothing.  We reused everything we had on hand.  I even took the desktop to Lowe's and had them cut it down to size to fit into the closet.  They did it for free, even though the desk never came from Lowe's. 
Yesterday Alex painted and helped me move the big shelf.  Today, I assembled the desk and floating shelves all on my own.  Oh yes, and hours of organizing later, we have a finished product. 
All that organizing left room for the guest bed and nightstand.  The only piece of office equipment left in the main bedroom space is a file cabinet with a printer on top.  I love how the printer blends right in so you can hardly even tell there is one in here!
We moved my beloved bird painting in here.  It matches the paint in the closet perfectly and I love how it pulls it all together.
Not too shabby for a day-long, free project, huh?  I personally love it.  Now we will just have to wait and see what it is like to work in a room with a bed.  Might need to take more naps!
Speaking of naps, I seriously need one.  I would like to blame it on all the hard work today, but really, my pregnancy symptoms have returned in full force.  Amazing how I forgot what it was like in 4 short weeks of feeling well, and now I'm wishing for the second coming of Christ.  I hate heartburn, nausea and extreme exhaustion more than anything I can think of. 

At least I love my new office/guest room.  It helps to have something pretty to look at when you are not feeling well at all.  For now Alex says I need to stay off of Pinterest.

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