Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Remember when I mentioned downloading the Couch to 5k app?
Well, I finally got around to doing my first workout this morning.  Alex and I headed to the gym, but on second thought before entering, I decided the treadmill just wouldn't work for me today and I bared the heat to run outdoors!
It was hot, but there was a warm breeze and I made it through my Week 1, Day 1 workout. 

Alex ran outside on the track as well, and when we were finished we ran upstairs to do a few planks.  I can tell how weak my core is from my growing belly and I would love to make planks a daily part of my routine.

On the agenda today: finally do some grocery shopping.  Our kitchen is back together and it is time to use it!  Lots of work projects today as well...our Fall season of GOTR is quickly approaching and I am also trying to tie up some pieces for this year's Turkey Trot and Girls on the Run 5ks.  I won't be in attendance at either event so it makes it even more important to be super organized and to delegate!

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