Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Closet Space

It doesn't take me long to put my husband to work. 
An unexpected arrival on our doorstep this morning had us second thinking some of our choices, which then created a new project for the house.  Let me explain.
We decided a while ago to forgo the nursery and keep our guest room.  Our reasoning: we are planning to have many guests in the first several months after the baby is born, yet we expect our little girl to sleep in our room for those first months.  Thus, we didn't want to inconvenience our guests (or ourselves) with an air mattress in the middle of the living room, while the baby's room went undisturbed.  Just didn't make sense. 

We have a 3 bedroom house, so one might assume that there is plenty of room for a guest room and nursery, however, I work from home, so one whole bedroom is tied up in Girls on the Run.
I considered finding office space to clear out one room of our house, but that would defeat the benefit of working from home as I attempt this part-time worker, full-time mommy bit.  So our plan to maintain the office, the guest room, and just use our super large room as a make shift nursery was great until...

THE GREATEST PACKAGE EVER arrived!  Our dear friend Tiffany gifted us with a crib!  I registered for the crib expecting that we would set it up once the baby was 4 months old or so.  By then our steady stream of guests would wane and we would lose our guest room and maybe invest in a pull-out couch.  But receiving that crib today put me in serious nesting mode!  I WANT a nursery!  Not to mention our bedroom is being outgrown with the glider, the bassinet, and soon a full baby wardrobe.  Where would I put all those clothes?!  And the diapers and the gazillion other gadgets babies need!  Sure, our sweet little girl will sleep with us for the first few months, but where would we find room for all her stuff?! 

Of course I'm being a little over dramatic here in making fun of myself for buying into this "a 7 pound baby needs more clothes than I do" mentality.  In all honesty, I'm sure I could raise a healthy, happy baby on very little, fortunately we will not have to.  We have been so blessed by generous family and friends!  Our little girl already has so much.  I have to say hand-me-downs are my very best friends!

Well back to the project at hand.  Luckily for our budget, this one cost a total of $10 for a new roller and pan to paint and a few bits of hardware.  We are able to reuse everything we already own to create a new office in an unexpected space.  Our inspiration:
Of course that particular nook does not fit into our budget and probably wouldn't be the most efficient use of space for all the GOTR files.  It will look very different, nonetheless, we will use a closet to create my new office.
Stay tuned for the final product.  I'm hoping to have this one done by tomorrow.  We removed the doors and hardware and Alex is currently painting it to create a burst of color.  My current desktop will be cut to size to fit next to a full shelf.  We will include a few floating shelves and a few photos on the wall to make it fun.  I am anxious to see how it turns out. 

The new office closet will hopefully free up enough space in the room for the bed and nightstand for our guests.  And this will free up an entire bedroom just for baby!  And then yet another project will begin! 

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