Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kitchen Organization Projects

Kitchen Before
Not so bad right?  Well we have such a tiny little space in our kitchen that even our little trashcan and recycling bin felt overwhelming.  What's worse is it made it impossible to get inside the cabinet to the left.  Ultimately we never stored anything in that cabinet.  So brilliant Alex came up with a new plan and after a quick trip to Lowe's yesterday our cluttered kitchen is all cleared up!

Step 1: Assemble Tools
Step 2: Build
Step 3: Look in awe and amazement at our new trash drawer!
Isn't it lovely folks?  
I'm in love.  We liked it so much we couldn't stop there.  So we turned a useless skinny cabinet that previously stored paper bags into a spacious and efficient spice drawer!

Quick and easy, custom fixes for our kitchen!  All the equipment came pre-assembled from Lowe's.  It was just a matter of screwing it into the right places.  Next to go will be those hideous teal laminate counters.  And maybe now we will need some drawer pulls.  But one step at a time folks!

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