Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food Groove

It has been 8 long weeks since I have attempted any sort of action in the kitchen.  I lost my food groove and I have no desire for it to come back!  Help! 

If food has to be made, Alex must do it.  When it comes to deciding what to bring for fellowship, it is typical that our group asks Alex now, not me.  Last night for my work event, Alex prepared all the food.  And when all else fails and in doubt, we eat out.  And we eat out, and we eat out, and we eat out.  Story of our lives.

Last week we were spoiled with an endless supply of home cooked meals at Engage.  Now we are dropped back into our house in North Carolina, with an empty pantry and fridge.  I was at the grocery store twice yesterday and left with nothing for our own house.  While I was shopping for last night's work dinner I though frequently about grabbing a box of cereal, maybe something for lunches, preparing a dish to bring to fellowship for tonight.  But alas, my brain could not function around any of those things. 

I have lost my food groove!

This morning's breakfast consisted of half a container of Greek yogurt (yes, I know that isn't vegan).  I'm not even sure where the first half of the container went or when I opened it.  I also ate half a PB&J.  At least I know when it was made and where the other half went.  Alex made the sandwich on Sunday for airport food and it didn't get eaten.  So I ate the first half as a snack yesterday...and ate the 2 day old second half for breakfast this morning!  I accompanied my breakfast with 2 leftover pieces of watermelon from last night's dinner and half a Luna Bar. 

Sorry, when I lost my food groove I lost my ability to remember to take photos of food before I ate it!  Here are the remnants of this morning's hodge podge breakfast!

Clearly we will not last for long like this.  Where to begin again?  How do I find the ability to meal plan and grocery shop and cook?  I may be a lost cause!

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