Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I haven't talked much about mission work lately.  Honestly it feels like it has been on the back burner while dealing with morning sickness.  For me, it has been all but forgotten.  For Alex, he is as passionate as ever.  Thankfully, in a safe and loving marriage relationship we can carry each other on our backs and through the dark when things get tough.  It would be an understatement to say he is carrying me on this one.

Tomorrow we leave for Denver to meet with Christian Associates.  Back when I was still sane, Alex and I had a Skype conference as well as a meet and greet here in Charlotte with leaders in the organization.  We were excited and pumped for this journey.  We truly felt God was leading us. 

For several weeks I quit life, so to speak.  I couldn't find energy to pray, to worship, to be a friend or a wife.  I saw a quote somewhere that said, "Dear God, please give me the patience to deal with my blessings."  It said exactly what I was feeling.  Being pregnant is a blessing.  But I felt like I couldn't deal with it! 

Luckily I am feeling much, much better and more like myself everyday.  Slowly I am re-grounding myself in faith and love and happiness.  When I read the Word, pray, or worship, I find myself reminded of my passion to serve and I am more excited than ever to become a missionary!  Our Denver trip to visit Christian Associates couldn't come at a better time now.  So tomorrow we fly out, excited and nervous for what the weekend will hold.  Here is the letter Alex sent to the church this morning, and I include it here so you can share in this journey and pray for us as well!

Dear friends,

After careful consideration and much prayer we are ready to step out in faith, allowing God to lead us.  It seems we continue to come back to this idea of changing our lives to become international missionaries.

We are preparing for several years in the mission field and our first step will be to visit with Christian Associates at an ENGAGEevent May 16-20.  During this time we will have the opportunity to better acquaint ourselves with their mission and vision and assess whether this organization is a fit for us (and we them) all in the scope of God’s will and calling.

Our path from here is quite scary but we trust in God’s provision and timing.  Please cover us in prayer during this time of discernment and be joyful with us that we are able to listen to God’s will for our lives!

We love you all so much and thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

Yours in Christ,

Alex and Tanya Kummerow

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