Monday, May 7, 2012

Girls on the Run 5k

I am so unfocused...I hardly remember how to write a blog.  But since I clearly have nothing to say about food still, let's talk about my other big passion!
I am so lucky that I get to work for an organization I am so passionate about.  I am lucky that every day I wake up and my job involves things that I would do even if they didn't pay me.  (That's not a hint...I still want to receive a paycheck!)

If you have followed VeganFaith for sometime, you probably know by now that each year around this time I get terribly stressed, forget to eat right and never exercise.  This is the week before the 5k and my nerves are on end. 

In 6 days I will host an event for over 1,000 runners and 60 volunteers plus hundreds more spectators.  Together with my amazing team and board of directors we will successfully bring 400+ girls age 8-13 across the finish line to achieve an amazing goal!  They have worked for 12 weeks to bring this to fruition.  They have learned self-worth and self-confidence and on Saturday that will all culminate in our season ending 5k! 
...And you can be a part of the fun!  Our 5k is open to the public.  Race entry fees are just $15 so bring your whole family out.  Don't feel like running?  We still need volunteers!  And lots of them!  Sign up now!  Please!



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