Monday, April 11, 2011


Do you ever find yourself stuck on a word, or maybe several words?  Do you say the same things over and over again?  Are you one of those that says like or um?  I say so.  I noticed it first when I hosted a cooking class several months ago.  When I watched the video I said so countless times!  

Today I ran with the girls...and like most girls we tend to gab while running.  Obviously it is a bit harder to give responses to each others' stories when running so I found myself saying the same two phrases over and over again: that's funny or that's awesome.  Ashley would tell a story and I would say "that's funny."  Then Angie, and I would say "that's awesome."  Then Kristin, and I would go back to "that's funny."  I noticed it after about 4 miles and then I was hyper-aware of my responses.  After I realized I said so so much I was so hyper-aware of it that I could hardly speak.  That is exactly how I felt while running today.  For the last mile I couldn't say that's funny or that's awesome, so I had nothing to say at all.  That's annoying!

Just like word-ruts, I get into food-ruts.  I tend to eat the same things over and over again.  How many bowls of coconut oats have you seen on this blog in the last month?  Well my new obsession is fresh juices.  
And smoothies:
Pretty much anything that is cold and involves fruits and veggies in liquid form is my new obsession.  I suppose TCBY sorbet sort of fits into this category as well.  

Of course buying fresh juices at Healthy Home Market, smoothies at Smoothie King and sorbet at TCBY is breaking the bank.  Each of these are about $4 a pop!  Anyone want to buy me a juicer and/or Vitamix to help me save a few bucks?  Thanks!

This weekend was super-duper busy.  I had 3 events that I had to work/implement.  Saturday I worked a 5k race to promote GOTR before running over Smoothie King for Spirit Day!  And on Sunday was the Poverty Meal at church.  I hardly had a minute to relax, and when I did find a few, I spent them vegging out on the couch with blogs or tv.  Apart from the events going on this weekend I was not productive at all.  I never even made it out for a run or workout!  

Before the chaos of the weekend began, however, Mr. Kummerow and I enjoyed a wonderful date night on Friday.  It began with a juice from Healthy Home Market (pictured above) and then we strolled the downtown area of Davidson.  They were hosting a gallery crawl and all of the shops were opened with beautiful art displays.  Many were serving wine and snacks and sparkling water.  I ate my share of crackers and strawberries and several glasses of sparkling water before we were done perusing.  

There are a few wonderful little restaurants in Davidson including Flat Iron Kitchen which we almost popped into.  Instead we stopped at a quaint place with outdoor seating named Toast.  I have always wanted to eat here and their dinner menu had several vegan options.  Unfortunately I was very full from my juice and snacking so it was a very light meal.  

I started with a cup of the Gazpacho. 
It was starting to get dark by the time we sat down to eat, so the photos are a bit black.  The good news is it was dark and still plenty warm to sit outside and eat!  Hooray for spring!

The Gazpacho was much too chunky for my liking.  And full of onions.  I like onions but this was overkill.  I made Mr. Kummerow eat some so he would have bad breath as well.  I ordered my Gazpacho without the Creme Fraiche as it was listed on the menu.  Unfortunately it was served with the creme topping.  I had to send it back but it didn't take long at all.

Mr. Kummerow ordered the housemade black bean burger.
Once again our order was goofed when the house salad on the side came loaded with cheese.  We sent back the dish and it was out in a jiffy.  The manager did come around to apologize for our meals.  Despite the mess up, this was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten out at a restaurant.  It was full of veggies and flavor!

I really wanted to have a good experience at Toast.  The restaurant is so adorable and the food was delicious despite the mishaps.  However, the service was very lacking as well.  It took us about 2 hours to dine.  And we ordered very simple meals.  After our food was served we rarely saw a waiter.  I asked for lemons at one point and never received them.  My water glass was almost always empty and sitting forgotten on the table.  I asked for no ice and the one refill I did receive had ice.  

There is lots of room for improvement at Toast.  But I still recommend their black bean burger!  I would like to go back when I have more of an appetite to give it another shot.

As I have been writing this post I have been eating the most amazing lunch ever!  And I cooked it myself, which means there will be a recipe coming soon!  Wow, wow, wow!  Best lunch ever!

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