Friday, April 29, 2011

Hilton Head Sampler

Mornings in Hilton Head were laid back and fun.  The weather wasn't great on Tuesday morning, but the rain seemed to hold out at all the right times.

It held out long enough for us to ride to Java Joe's for a cup of coffee and back.
It even held out while we ate our overnight oats on the porch.
Accompanied by jam and homemade Peanut Butter Granola Bars.
Why do I even pretend like I am going to eat these two things separate?
I obviously crumbled the bar on top of my oats!

Because the weather seemed to be cooperating with our plans we decided not to hold off any longer and we set out on a long bike ride to the lighthouse.  Along the way we enjoyed a tour of local wildlife.
This guy was perched on his pedestal.  While he looked like he was ready to take flight he actually just stood there holding out his wings, showing off for us!

Then there was this guy:
Ok, I know that photo looks like a bit of nothing, but I swear about 1/3 way from the left and half way up is an alligator head.  This was our second sighting of the week!

By the time we reached Harbour Town the sun was in full force once again.
The day was hardly recognizable from its previous version!
We opted not to pay the $3.50 to walk up the lighthouse and spent our money on the best sorbet I have ever had!  I forgot to snap a photo but the raspberry sorbet from this cute little shop under the lighthouse was exactly perfect.
We walked around the cute little "town" and down the pier.
Harbour Town is cute, but too touristy.  It is one of those places that wouldn't exist outside of tourism.  When you ask the question, what came first, the town or tourism?  Tourism definitely came first and then the town was built around that.  I much prefer the places that are organically cute and then tourism found it.  Does that make sense?

Either way, we didn't spend too much time in Harbour Town.  We pedaled back to our side of the island stopping quickly at Truffles for a cold beverage.
Truffles Cafe came highly recommended.  Unfortunately we weren't in the mood for lunch yet, just for cold drinks.  I enjoyed a fresh raspberry lemonade.  Lord Forbes had a beer.
He found this Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout on the menu and decided to try it, and it was great.  I shared a bit with him and really enjoyed the taste.

Back at the condo later that afternoon, we whipped up a quick and easy lunch utilizing the leftovers we had accumulated over the last several days.

Here is what my lunch plate looked like:
Lunch included leftover Eggless Salad, quick baked beans, carrot and cabbage salad, the last bit of Sweet Potato Hummus and yes in the corner that is sauerkraut topped with vegan 1000 Island dressing.  I used blue corn chips to scoop everything up. 
I also enjoyed some leftover salad from Roastfish and Cornbread.

The combination of delicious food, and a day full of sun and biking left both Forbes and I very lethargic.  Thus the rest of the afternoon was spent vegging in front of the TV.  I began to feel guilty that we were wasting precious vacation minutes, but finally gave into the desire and relaxed.  We drifted in and out of sleep for a few house and then finally roused ourselves to get up and do something.  We decided the best option would be to get out of the condo.  Thus our first outing by car was born.

We landed at the Skull Creek Boathouse, another highly recommended restaurant. 
Once again, we weren't really wanting a full meal, and we knew we had delicious food back at the condo for dinner.  Instead we opted to take advanatage of the happy hour pricing and enjoyed a cold beverage.
I can't even remember what Lord Forbes ordered, but I opted for the flavor of the day with a Raspberry Mojito.  It seemed everything I ordered on vacation was raspberry flavored!
The Skull Creek Boathouse has amazing views off a very large patio.  The place was packed for a Tuesday night, securing its reputation of being one of the best places on the island for dinner.  The menu was extensive and we just couldn't resist trying a little something.
We ordered the Veggie Roll substituting the Goat Cheese Hummus for avocado to make it vegan.  Inside the Spinach Soy Wrapper was sun-dried tomato and tempura veggies.  I swear this was one of the best veggie rolls I have ever tasted.  It was so good I ate half my pieces with wasabi and soy sauce.  That never happens! 

At this point real hunger was setting in, so we headed back to the condo for a real meal. 
It doesn't look like much but these tacos were amazing!  Lord Forbes cooked up Jerk Tempeh on the grill and we topped our tortillas with tomatoes, cabbage, salsa and pineapple with a little extra jerk sauce.  This had great island flavor and filled me up! 

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  1. Ah cool that you found The Boathouse. That's one of my other island favorites and I don't think I thought to recommend it to you, but you have probably seen it on some of my posts!