Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite Food Day in Hilton Head

Happy Monday!  So it is Thursday around these parts, but I am still catching you up day-by-day on all the fun we had in Hilton Head.  Monday morning started out with a short run and then a brief presentation about the timeshare we stayed at.  You know these sorts...they want to sell, sell, sell...and they like to give away freebies for just sitting around listening to them.  Lord Forbes and I have strict NO policy but we like that they write us a $75 check in the end.

Since we are now home safe and sound I can give you some details on where we stayed.  We were planted right in the heart of Shipyard Plantation in a quaint resort named Port O'Call.  It is a bit older, but has all the amenities needed for an amazing vacation!  We were steps from the pool, a short walk from the beach and had a stocked kitchen.  The condo was huge.  We should have brought friends with us!
This trip was a gift from my father-in-law for Lord Forbes' birthday.  He owns a timeshare and let us use it for the week.  It was such a wonderful gift.

After our brief timeshare presentation we were captivated by the wonderful smells of fried dough emanating from a nearby restaurant.  It was too much for my self-control and we suddenly found ourselves inside Flamingo's Doughnut Cafe where you can choose from one of their specialty doughnuts or create your own.  Each doughnut is freshly cooked when you arrive and garnished with your choice of toppings.
We got two to share.  I know they look similar here but they were different.  One was an Almond Joy with chocolate, coconut and almonds.  The second had a banana glaze with chocolate chips and almonds (we can't remember its name!)
We were basically in fried-dough-heaven!
We played around on our bikes for a while and then set off in the direction of lunch.  We picked a special restaurant for Monday's lunch but it was more than 6 miles away.  We were determined to use our bikes for all of our traveling needs while on the island so we pedaled over to Roastfish and Cornbread.

Roastfish and Cornbread came highly recommended from everyone we spoke to.  When we mentioned we were vegans we were told this was the place to go on the island.  We heard the chef was excellent and we were so excited to try it out.

After our breakfast of doughnuts we weren't exactly hungry for lunch right away.  It actually worked out perfect that we had a bit of a bike ride to work up an appetite.  After pedaling around, stopping at a few shops, we finally sat down to eat around 1pm.
Roastfish and Cornbread is located in a cute old home a little off the beaten path.  We would have been skeptical had it not been for the very friendly wait staff and welcoming porch.  We were seated at a picnic table in the shade and quickly ordered beverages.
He'll have a beer and I'll have the Indian Style Lemonade.  Spiced with Cayenne and sweetened with honey the lemonade was delicious and hit the spot after a warm bike ride.
Oh, did I mention along the way I stopped and picked up this adorable sun hat.  I felt so chic wearing it all week!  But really it is quite practical.  I will be bringing it to Africa with me this summer where it will be very handy to have!

Roastfish and Cornbread has an amazing menu and it would be a wonderful place to take just about anyone.  Their food is local and fresh and they have just as many vegetarian/vegan options as omni options.

Lord Forbes and I started our lunch with an appetizer.
These baby portobellas stuffed with Ethiopian tomato salad did not disappoint.  The stuffing had tomatoes and berries mixed in a lovely sauce and the texture and flavor was fresh and robust.
For our meals we ordered off the vegetarian menu.  Lord Forbes had the Ultimate Vegetable Po'Boy while I ordered the Vegan Mama Salad.  Both were amazing but the star of the show was the salad dusted with dark chocolate!  Who would have thought: dark chocolate on a salad?  But it was amazing! 
The sides that accompanied Forbes' meal were also amazing.  There was a lentil salad and a tomato salad and also fresh fruit.  It was all so good!

Of course we couldn't resist vegan dessert even though it was just lunch.  Besides, fruit parfait doesn't really qualify as dessert, right?
Let me just share with you the magic that was this dish!  Basically you can't really go wrong with fruit, eh?  But then top all these fine and fresh berries and tropical fruits with a coconut milk whip and you have got yourself a winner!  It was fresh, it was light, it was sweet and it was G.O.O.D.  Period.  No frills, no muss, no was just fresh ingredients made well.  Yummy!
If I had to pick a high for the week this dessert might just be it!

After a long bike ride back to the condo, we relaxed by the pool for the afternoon.  Our morning was so packed and full of fun exercise so it was time for a little R&R.  Unfortunately for me, I forgot to reapply my sunscreen on Sunday and was left with a bit of a burn.  I opted for a shady spot while I watched Lord Forbes bask in the sun.
I tried to read but before long I was out like a light.  I napped for about an hour and it was wonderful!  When I awoke it was time to fix supper.  On the menu for Monday night was Vegan Reuben Sandwiches and they were to die for!  I am preparing another blog post for vacation menu planning and recipes so you will just have to wait to get your hands on that one.  I think Monday was my favorite food day all week!

After dinner we opted for another long bike ride on the beach.  I began to perfect the art of riding with no hands!  It is much easier when you are riding on sand and you know the fall won't hurt as bad.  Luckily I didn't fall at all!

We rode in one direction for a very long while.  When we turned around to head home we were facing the wind and it was a long and slow ride back to the condo. 

Once again we arrived after dark.  At night, everything on the beach begins to look alike and I was very nervous we would not find the right exit off the beach.  Lord Forbes came through and found the right exit and we made it home without getting lost!  Three nights in a row we did this and each night was as scary as the night before but we made it!

I know I've said it many times already, and I will probably say many more times again, Hilton Head really is my favorite vacation! 

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