Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Five Things

I'm busy.  No, I'm not "glorifying" busy.  I'm busy with the life's good things: friends, baking, baby-care, and more.  While I'm on hiatus enjoying time with some of my best friends who are in town visiting I wanted to leave you with a quick little post...

Five Things I'm Loving Lately

1.  Homemade Bread

Jenna passed off a bit of her starter to me last week and every 3-6 days it needs to be fed and I have to bake off bread.  It makes two very large loafs and we are digging the fresh sourdough bread each week.  I am hope I can keep this up because it is a deliciously fun hobby!

2.  Exploring New Places in my very own town

Because Andy and Brittany are in town we are running around finding fun things for the kiddos.  Together we discovered Lazy 5 Ranch and the Discovery Place Kids Museum.  So much fun!  These are places I probably wouldn't go on my own, but with friends visiting it is like exploring my own town as a tourist.

3.  My neighbors and their love for baking. 

Twice this week they have brought over a stack of fresh, homemade cookies.  We have just recently started making friends with our surrounding neighbors and are so blessed with friendly folks.  Our next door neighbors invited us over for a BBQ last weekend, and now all these cookies! 

4.  Eating Out.

I love cooking at home too.  But I really enjoy eating out.  With friends in town there is no guilt in grabbing lunch out each day. 

5.  Eleanor.

Well, duh.  She is amazing.  This week has been so full of fun surprises.  She is now sitting up on her own and it opens up a new world for both of us...including high chairs at restaurants (see #4).

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