Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter from the Kummerow's!

It is hard to imagine that a year ago on Easter I was announcing that we were expecting and this year I have an (almost) five month old!
We attended church on Sunday morning and then enjoyed dinner with Alex's mom and Ron.  Eleanor had a blast with her Vovvy and Grandpa Ron!
Her darling yellow outfit, picked out by her other Grandpa and Grandma made Eleanor the sunshine of the day.  It matched beautifully with the bow Niki made for her way back when she was just a newborn!
I can't get enough of her.  Look at that darling smile.  Even better...look at those chunky legs! (oh and check out my new haircut!)
Such a wonderful day full of so much joy!  Praise God for the sacrifice of his one and only son.  I can't even begin to imagine giving up my child.  We are so blessed to to be loved by a Great God.  So blessed that he cares for each and every one of us.  Even me. 

When I sin and fall short of his glory, he is always there to redeem me.  On the way to church yesterday I picked a fight with Alex.  Then I got frustrated because I didn't realize the order of events at church (sunrise service, breakfast, then back home to shower and get ready, then another church service).  I was upset because we left our food at home thinking we had time to return.  I took this frustration out on Alex once again.  Even a day like Easter where I should be hyper-aware of my sin and the gift of Jesus on the cross, I still fall.  But this is the true message of Easter.  That no matter when, where, and how bad, the price has already been paid.  Our sin is forgiven.  We are redeemed.  Our Savior Lives!  What a joyous message.  And one that I clearly need each and every day!
I am so thankful that I have a husband who is also a believer.  Because that makes him a forgiver.  Each and every time I stumble as a wife or a mother, he is full of grace and mercy, a reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He demonstrates unconditional love in a way that makes us both better people.  Our marriage is strong, but not without it's ups and downs.  Without faith, their would not be hope.  We love, because God first loved us.
Happy Easter friends!  Christ died and rose again, so that we may be free.  Free from sin and free to love.  Let this rest in your hearts all days of the year.  Just because it is Monday, does not mean we forget the sacrifice that was paid for us.  Each day when I sin and I am forgiven I am reminded of the death and resurrection.  I am reminded that I need a savior. 

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