Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you ever sit around observing the separate pieces of your life and know that in some great way they are all going to come together and make sense in a perfect plan? 

I do.

I see the conviction and passion that leads our home.  I see the changes in our church.  The new friends we've made.  I see our past and the places we've been.  I feel the certainty that we are right where God wants us right now.  I look ahead at the challenges and opportunities before us.  And I wait for it all to come together.  It is both frustrating and exhilarating. 

I want it all right now.  I want to know where we are headed.  But then I also remember that the present is where we are now and where we need to focus.  What is around us?  What can we do today?

I feel convicted that as I sit here and wait on the future I am floundering in the present.  I am too anxious to move on that I miss out on life.  Each time I begin to complain about complacency or a redundant life, I realize how amazing it all really is. 

I have a wonderful God who loves me for me.

I have a husband who is faithful to God, to me, to his daughter, to his dog.

I have a daughter who brings joy into every moment.

I have a job--scratch that-- a career-- that is so fulfilling and not only that, but it is flexible and allows me the opportunity to be at home with my baby, but also interact with adults each and every day.

I have a babysitter that is flexible and generous and loving and caring.  That is something not everyone has and I am very fortunate.

I have wonderful friends.  I can be myself and speak openly and without fear of being me.  I am encouraged and kept accountable and loved. 

I have an amazing extended family with sisters and brothers and moms and dads who love me and who I love.

I have a great church which teaches the Word of God with truth and passion.

And there's more.  Our fellowship group, Morning Grace, the gym (that I should visit more often), our amazing community and neighborhood.  And while it all exists already in my life there is so much opportunity in each of these amazing gifts God has given me.  I have the opportunity to know God better.  To be a better wife.  A better mom.  A better daughter, sister, friend, employee and servant of Christ Jesus.  While I am always looking ahead at the future, their is so much potential right here in the present.

Where will I go?  Physically, no where.  At least not for a while.  But spiritually, mentally, emotionally-- I have quite the journey ahead of me.

Insert obligatory cute baby photos:
Speaking of amazing friends, after Morning Grace I had lunch with two friends and their dear babies.  We haven't seen Vanessa and Garret in several months and look how big he is!  Such a fun day! 

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