Sunday, July 22, 2012


This is the current state of my living room and dining room.  Which can only mean one thing...the kitchen is outta commission!  I think this may put a wrench in my cooking streak.  It will be microwave everything until our project is complete.
It begins with paint, but will likely end with white cabinets and we know it will end with all new tile.  This could be a while folks! 

While I helped with all the pretty taping, I am exempt from painting duties due to my "condition."  Honestly though, it probably wouldn't hurt to paint since we splurged on the no VOC from Sherwin Williams. 

Here are our color choices:

Tame Teal for the 1/2 bathroom
And Sea Salt for the Kitchen
We will also be using Sea Salt for the dining room when we eventually get there (of course after the fridge is back in its proper place!)

So call it nesting, or call it what you will, but there are definitely some home improvement projects happening.  This is a very big deal considering 6 months ago we sold off nearly all of our earthly possessions, and also we have been living in this house for almost 4 years and have never, ever painted a single room!  (Oh, except my chalkboard wall)

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