Thursday, July 12, 2012

Documenting the fun!

As much as I love to blog, it has been so difficult to keep up lately!  Each day I pre-write a post in my head, and then I never get around to typing it out.  There are so many things that I have "told" you, but have never actually written down for you!  I do this to Alex quite a bit in real life too.  It usually goes something like this:

"Did I tell you that I wanted coffee, or did I just say that in my head? Because I am wondering why you keep passing all the Starbucks!"

"Yup, Tanya, that was in your head!"

I'm serious...not just things like that, but all the time, I think I've had a conversation and then realize I've never actually said it out loud.

Well, for you, I know I haven't said it out loud, because I know I haven't been on here in weeks!  So let's recap...

If you remember, we left off when Baby didn't want to tell us if it's a boy or girl (bummer), so we jumped on the road a day early for our road trip.  After a quick stop half-way, we made it to Milwaukee in time for an iced coffee and snacks with our friend Matt. 
We then spent 3 glorious days over the 4th of July holiday in Milwaukee!  Now we are nestled in at my Father-In-Law's for the week, spending most evenings out to dinner with friends and family.  Here are some of our top moments of the week(s).

1.  Virgin cocktails (for me)!
At Eric and Haley's we made Bloody Mary's spiked with beer.  Yes, weird, but so good.  I just had a very spicy virgin one here, but I've also since made one with NA beer, and it is not so bad! 

2.  4th of July BBQ and fireworks with all of our Milwaukee friends!
With Shannon and Brian and their two beautiful children, and Eric and Haley, we had a blast! 

3.  Our Milwaukee outing, biking along the lakefront and catching some live music at Summerfest.
Sure it was 105* degrees that day! But by the water it was much cooler, and on bikes the breeze was wonderful!
We caught part of the Death Cab concert and the Avett Brothers.  I have to say, the Avett Brothers put on a pretty awesome show! We stuck it out at Summerfest until I was just too hot!

4.  Catching up with work in different "offices"
 Throughout all our travels, I have managed to log some pretty good hours for work.  It is fun to work in new locations.  First at Eric and Haley's study, then at Camp in my old office and now from the library at my FIL's.

5.  Our day on the water at Camp.
The sailboat regatta is one of my favorite sites on Lake Beulah and we were lucky to catch one this weekend.  We stayed Friday night and all day Saturday at YMCA Camp Edwards (where Alex and I met).  The weather started off steamy and scorching, but by midday on Saturday the humidity lifted and we enjoyed canoeing on the U.S.S. Alex K., and boating and tubing with our old boss Jody.  Of course I wasn't allowed to go tubing, but Alex had quite the time!

We have had so much fun eating out, catching up with family and friends, playing cards, exercising and taking long walks...but I'm running out of photos to share! 

It is wild to think about all of our adventures so far, and know that we have so much more to anticipate...including our niece's graduation and 18th birthday party and a trip to Missouri for my sister's birthday!  Hopefully I won't wait another 10 days to document all the fun!

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