Monday, July 2, 2012

Change of plans...

Not my personal choice, but I'm already learning what it means to sacrifice because of your child...even when they are still in the womb!

Today was supposed to be a big day.  We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning, a fun photo shoot planned, and a party with all our friends this evening.  Unfortunately all but the ultrasound was cancelled due to my very stubborn and uncooperative child.  It seems he/she decided it wasn't quite time to let us know the gender just yet. 

So instead of finding out boy or girl today and hosting a gender reveal for our friends, we hit the road for our trip to Milwaukee/Chicago/St. Louis a day early.  We put a good 6 hours in on the road and now we are stopped at a very fine Holiday Inn, eating Subway and watching the Bachelorette.  Yup, a pretty good day in all, just not what we expected!
Since we don't get to find out just yet, for fun we did a little research.  According the Mayan predictions we are having a baby girl...yet according to the Chinese Calendar however it is a boy.  Only time will tell!

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