Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cutest Baby Ever

One of our highlights of Missouri was hanging out with this little dude and celebrating his 1st Birthday!
We missed his party by a day but got to spend some quality time with him and his parents!  It was a quick little trip through Missouri but it was so nice to be there! 

I also got to ring in Stephanie's 30th birthday with her!  Of course I will miss her party as well.  But I rarely get to be around for Steph's birthdays so I was excited to be there for this very important one! 

Another highlight was sharing time with my pregnant sister (yup, pregnant sisters!!!).  You will notice there are no photos of me and my sisters...we slummed around the house all day (except for one outing to watch Magic Mike which I highly do NOT recommend!)  So instead of photos, all I have are memories, and that is just fine with me.

We are home alas and it feels so good.  Unpacked, and laundry is going, and I realized how much I really do miss my own office.  It isn't so easy to work from the road, and everything I need is within arm's reach right here.  Loving this day of organization and cleaning!  Tomorrow I will start the big projects!

Tonight we have an open invite to all our friends to pop-in on us.  It would be too hard to get around to everyone, so instead, just swing by the house if you get a chance...there will be cold beverages and good company!  We missed everyone so much! 

And here is one last treasure from our trip.  My silly husband insisted we take advantage of the photo booth at the mall...
Such a great trip! 

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