Monday, November 7, 2011

Anniversary Celebration Part One

Forbes and I like to celebrate.  When it comes to birthdays and special occasions, the celebration typically lasts between a week and a month.  I could feel the excitement building for our anniversary the moment November rolled around.  In my mind, the celebration had begun.
The real celebration actually began Friday night with our first official Third Anniversary Date.  I had coupons to Cowfish and Forbes had a secret purpose for a trip to Nordstrom.  Thus a plan was born.

Knowing we could potentially wait all night for a table at Cowfish, we opted to swing into the mall first.  Forbes was being especially enigmatic and sat me down in the shoe section while he waltzed up to the counter.  After several minutes of waiting and trying to crane my neck around him to see what he was up to, he finally returned with a shoe box.  He placed each of the shiny slippers on my stockinged feet as I squealed with delight at the new gift!
There has been a routine in our house for several weeks where Forbes would ask me, "What shoes can I grab you out of the closet?" And I would reply, "My black sparkly Toms."  In which he would reply, "I can't find those, will these work?"  Yes, that is true banter that happens daily.  Now when I reply, "My black sparkly Toms," he will always return with the right pair of shoes!

We headed off to dinner and spent a good hour perusing Crate and Barrel and the bar at The Cowfish while we waited for our table.
We ordered drinks and an appetizer as soon as we could get seats at the bar.  I started with a lovely Zin and an order of Tofu Lettuce Wraps.  After a little discussion we decided the lettuce wraps at PF Chang's are better, but really it is up to opinion.  I like how finely chopped the filling is at PF Chang's, while the filling at The Cowfish was a bit chunky. 

Once we were seated, we quickly ordered the star of the show: Coconut Battered Onion Rings.

The onion rings were the size of my head and super delicious!  I could only eat one while saving enough room for our Make-Your-Own-Sushi.  We chose avocado, tempura asparagus, mushrooms, pickled radish and cucumber.  It was a winning combination and between the two appetizers and the giant roll we were satisfied.

We grabbed frozen yogurt on the way home and called it a night!

All night, I really wanted to give Forbes one of his gifts since I received mine early.  However, I was waiting for the right opportunity.  Saturday morning, as we were preparing food for the baby shower, the perfect moment presented itself.  He mentioned as we returned from the grocery store how excited he was to cook with me and how we could turn on some music and have fun.  I said, hold that thought, as I ran upstairs for his perfect present. 

I have been working on this gift since the beach retreat.  Maureen and I spent the whole ride home picking out the perfect songs from her iTunes playlist.  I created a CD full of "love songs" written by Christian artists.  I know this sounds sappy, however, I knew he would love it.  He makes me sweet  CDs all the time, for almost every occasion.  The day he proposed to me he gave me a CD full of beautiful songs that spoke about our relationship and then on the very last song (By My Side by Ben Harper) he popped the question. 

Since we first met, our music tastes have almost entirely switched to Christian music and when Maureen introduced me to the love songs that these artists had written I knew that this would be the perfect gift for Forbes.  And I was right!  As we cooked we listened.  And he loved it!  Here's the playlist in case you would like to make one for your sweetheart!
 Anniversary celebrations have officially begun and I can't wait for the continuation!  Beyond the gifts and celebrations however, I am just overjoyed that I have a partner in life that loves me deeply, cares for me, and most importantly knows Christ as his savior.  We have such an amazing relationship and I thank God for it each and every day! 

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