Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to the Mountains {Hob Nob Farm Cafe, Boone, NC}

And what better welcome than my favorite Boone restaurant.
This is the stuff dreams are made of! Mr. Kummerow and I ate at Hob Nob Farm Cafe this summer when I came to pick him up from a week-long continuing education class at Appalachian State.  We ate with a group of complete strangers to me, so while the experience was epic, I did not have the guts to snap any photos.  I was also a newbie food blogger, and lets just say that my inhibitions aren't so strong anymore.  In fact, last night I picked up my plate and walked across the restaurant for better lighting for this photo:
I just refuse to take anymore awful photos of delicious food!  (The photos from North Harbor were so gross looking...all green and weird!)

It was late and we were hungry so after a quick stop at Earth Fare (love that place!) for a few groceries, we stopped off at Hob Nob last night for a quick dinner before reaching our destination (more about that soon).
We shared the quesadilla special.  Inside was either sweet potato or squash puree, beans, spinach, tomatoes and walnuts!  Yes walnuts! I would never have thought of that! It was so good and added a flavor layer I had never dreamed could be possible!  You have to try it!

To satisfy our sweet tooth we got a vegan smoothie: the Shooting Star.  It included banana, soy milk, espresso beans and chocolate chips.  It was divine!
So divine, it even glows!

And we were off to our destination!

Down the road about 20 miles- or should I say up the road...because we drove up and up and up and up.  And then down the steepest driveway I have ever witnessed...but finally we made it with our lives and jeep intact.

I then needed a glass of wine quick to relax from that fretful drive...I'm just a little scared of falling off the side of a mountain!
My awesome boss is letting us use her house in the mountains for the weekend to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary!  This place is so cool! Very rustic but modern with a stocked kitchen and a comfy couch.

Movie watching ensued.
And photo taking...of course!
And then we were out cold.  The long day finally caught up to us and I slept like a baby!  Goodnight!

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