Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Veggie Cream Cheese

Karma is a funny little thing.  Yesterday my RSS reader was not working for whatever reason.  I didn't get any blog posts into my inbox.  I was a very sad blogger yesterday and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work.  Of course it made me think that I shouldn't have laughed so hard when Forbes' PS3 went to electronics heaven last week, huh?

Blogging is my hobby and video games is Forbes' hobby.  It works for us because I can sit on the couch beside him while we each do our own thing.  So yesterday when the RSS reader wouldn't work, I'm sure Forbes had a good little chuckle.

Luckily, my reader decided to work this morning.  Unfortunately the PS3 is gone forever.  Forbes is forever checking out Black Friday ads to replace his beloved machine. 

If yesterday was a happy day, it was only in anticipation of today...the real happy day!  We have almost a full week off work together and I can't wait for our little stay-cation!  This morning we woke up slow and enjoyed this breakfast together!
After picking up bagels this morning I had this genius idea to make veggie cream cheese.  We had leftover vegan cream cheese in the fridge from our Jalapeno Popper Sandwiches.  I enjoy bagels and cream cheese but it just doesn't seem healthy enough for breakfast.  So this morning I finely chopped carrots, radishes and celery and added in a little dill and pepper to mix with the cream cheese.  It turned out wonderful!  Spread on top of my giant whole wheat everything bagel.

Now we are parked on the couch, waiting for Live with Kelly.  I haven't watched the show yet since Regis left.  On his last day I was parked on the couch all morning.  I am excited to watch the show with just Kelly, however.  I promise after Live I will get off the couch and be productive today!

If I don't get on here tomorrow, have a Happy Thanksgiving!  We have over 300 people registered for the Turkey Trot 5k in downtown Mooresville.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  But I know we will have quite a busy day!  Take care!

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