Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Retreat

HELLO MONDAY!  That's my Monday face in case you were wondering!  Although it was technically taken on Saturday.

Forbes and I enjoyed a much needed break this weekend with a retreat to the mountains.  Anniversary celebration was wonderful this year!  We decided to lay low and just enjoy time with one another, time with God, time in prayer, and time in the kitchen!
The party started early when we arrived on Friday afternoon.  Cocktail hour immediately commensed.
Friday night was spent in the kitchen, preparing some fabulous recipes!
A fun quote I read at my friend Kay's today:  "I love to cook with wine, and occasionally I even use it in a recipe!"
Amen sister!  And yes, I did actually use it in a recipe as well!

We used this opportunity to prepare some holiday style dishes to share with you, and let this just be a teaser post for the recipes to come this week:
I promise they were all delicious, and well worth the wait!

We did make it out of the kitchen on Saturday, long enough for a fun hike and some sunshine.
Isn't my husband handsome?
I love him!

Well that's all for now! I hope you had a fantastic Monday!  See you back here tomorrow morning with a great breakfast recipe!

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