Thursday, November 24, 2011

When life gives you bananas...

Make banana bread!
This morning was the First Annual Mooresville Christian Mission Turkey Trot 5k!  That's a mouthful!  The extra-large title matches the extra-large crowd that came out this morning.  I am so sorry that I didn't capture a single picture of the day.  I'm hoping to find some on Facebook soon. 

This morning was so busy and kind of a little crazy.  With 375 runners pre-registered, and close to 150 day-of registrations, you can understand why I didn't take a moment to take a photo!  Over 500 runners this morning raised over $7,000 for the Mooresville Christian Mission

Today I lift up and glorify our God, my Father who makes all things work together.  If it weren't for his almighty power we could not have gotten all those registrations through this morning.  Trust me, if you saw the line around the corner of the building you would understand the miracle I witnessed today. 

This morning was a realization of just how awesome God is and how he can use me.  Little ole' me.  No seriously.  Small and meager, and somewhat untalented me.  After watching the unorganized process unfold that I put together for registration, it is only a wonder that we even started the race on time (ok- close to on time!)  Through all my faults, He chooses to use me anyway. 

I have a tendency to become a little short when I'm stressed, and sometimes can be seen as abrasive even.  Yet every time my attitude arose in me this morning, I quickly recognized it, and put it away.  There were only a few moments I thought I might really lose it this morning.  But our great God came through for me this morning and really made magic out of something so little. 

So on this day of Thanksgiving, all my praise and worship is lifted to God.  I am humbled that he would choose to use me to do such great works.  And now that it is over-- the runners have finished and the site is cleaned up-- now I'm curled up on the couch, my feet up, and a cup of tea resting in my hand.  Life couldn't be better!

Of course, after any race, there are always leftovers!  Bananas, oranges, bagels!  A huge thanks to the grocery stores, organizations and stores that donated all of these goods.  Most of the leftovers will be given out on Monday at the mission, but whatever was already cut, or would go bad before Monday had to be disposed of today.  Obviously I grabbed what I could.  You can never have too many bananas in the freezer ready for Soft Serve!

And for the pot luck we are attending tonight, I whipped together a banana bread.
Usually after directing a 5k, Forbes and I go out for lunch.  We don't want to cook after all that hard work.  Today, that simply was not an option.  Somehow we found it within ourselves to put together a respectable meal.
We split a Meat Loaf sandwich made with leftovers from our Vegan Loaf.  And on the side we whipped together this macaroni salad from Veganomicon.
Delicious and fun!

Happy Tofurkey Day everyone!  I hope yours is filled with as much joy and peace and faith as ours!

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