Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ocean Isle Beach Vacay

We just returned from a beautiful weekend at Ocean Isle Beach. 
The verdict is: she still hates the sand and water!  My poor baby.  I just want her to be a beach bum like her mama and dada!
Alas, she was happy enough playing on the towel.  And yes, we let our child run around naked when at the beach. 

We were so fortunate to have this little getaway!  It came at a great time for me as I am a bit overwhelmed from work and needed to breathe just a little.  It didn't mean work stopped while I was away, but just that I got to sit in a beautiful location while answering emails and phone calls all day. 
Our friends Mike and Bekah invited us to share in their little vacation.  They had this beautiful beach house for the week.  Eleanor and I headed down Thursday afternoon and made it in time for pizza on the front porch.
Alex joined us Friday evening.  And in between we spent hours playing in the sand, laying out, relaxing and eating.
Mike and Bekah have two beautiful daughters.  The girls played so well together the entire weekend.  
When Alex arrived the party really got started.  We sat up late into the evenings chatting and playing board games and sipping wine.  The weather was perfect and we wrapped up in blankets while enjoying the breeze on the deck at night.
For lunch on Saturday we chowed down at Sharky's, sharing bites of crab cake, popcorn shrimp, conch fritters and hush puppies.  
Saturday night was another seafood feast.  We threw together a low country boil with clams, crab legs, shrimp, corn and potatoes.  We piled it high on newspaper and dug in!
Our little vegetarian baby enjoyed tastes of mama's seafood throughout the weekend. 

We had such a fabulous little weekend and headed home early on Sunday.  Right before leaving the island however, Alex and I made time for a quick photo shoot.  While laying out on the beach on Saturday our friends from back home walked by.  Coincidentally our favorite photographer from home, Whitney was included!  I was just asking her about doing family photos for us for Eleanor's first birthday and voila...she appeared on the beach in front of us!  So we enlisted her to do a quick shoot before we left the beach.  I can't wait to see how the photos turn out!  We love you Whitney!

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