Sunday, September 1, 2013

You can do this!

Today I changed my 'tude and decided to go for a run.  Tomorrow I may be singing a different tune, but right now I'm ready for a change.  I know that working out makes me a more confident, happier, and more pleasant human being.  Why I am I resisting the urge to do it?!  I feel the need to sweat on a daily basis, I just rarely want to make the effort.  But knowing how good I feel after, if only I could bottle that up and splash it all over me for daily motivation!

Ramblin' Rose is all about inspirational women, making a difference in their lives.  It may be just one step, it may be a huge leap of faith, but Ramblin' Rose was created for transformation.  I need to stop whining long enough to hear myself think and realize that what I really want for me is actually this.  I WANT TO COMPLETE MY FIRST TRIATHLON.  And by golly, I'm going to get there.  Come hell or high water.  So starting today this blog becomes my accountability for making it happen!  Sorry in advance.
So today I ran.  And tomorrow I get back on the horse.  Ok, I mean my bike saddle.  And then maybe the following day I'll swim.  And sure enough...I will complete this triathlon.  I am tired of mopey Tanya.  The one who complains too often and does too little.  I want to be a conqueror.  I want to take control of this life.  Grab it by the horns.  Live it.  Love it.  And glorify God in all ways.  And I can't do that sopping around, wishing I had time and energy.  It's time to make time. 
This post fueled by adrenaline from my first run in months...and maybe one or two glasses of wine.  So in the morning when I'm shooting myself in the foot for committing...hold me accountable.  Alright folks?!

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