Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dave and Lisa get married and we visit Niagara Falls

I missed you. 

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the trajectory of my life.  Where am I going? What speed am I moving? Sometimes when I think about what is ahead for me, I wonder if this blog will be there.  I spend less and less time in this space, and I'm guessing you probably do too. 

But for now, we are here.  And I'd love to share our weekend adventures with you!
Alex and I packed our bags and our baby girl and drove into the wee early hours of Friday morning to arrive in Brockport, New York for the celebration of Dave and Lisa's wedding.  Dave (Alex's dad) and Lisa planned a stunning event that began with a Friday night wine cruise on the lake.  Eleanor was crazy tired but everyone enjoyed her company and kept her entertained. 
Saturday morning we dressed in our finest and drove to a beautiful inn for the lakeside wedding.
Of course the bride and groom were stunning.
After an intimate service it was time for eating and drinking!
Dave knows how to pull out the stops and we had such a fabulous dinner.  I enjoyed scallops and much, much more.  But I must admit, Alex's vegan risotto was the star of the night for me!
The rest of our evening was consumed with rest, and then hanging out back at the hotel with family and munching on a late night snack of pizza and red wine.  I absolutely love weddings, and I love our family.  I am so glad we got to take this little trip to celebrate with everyone!

On Sunday, as all the family departed back to the Midwest, our little threesome made a pit stop in a town just about an hour away.
I would have hated to drive all this way and not catch a glimpse of the infamous Niagara Falls!  We played tourists and jumped on the Maid of the Mist for a soaking good time!
We cruised around the American side of the falls, taking our time and enjoying the long stroll and beautiful views.  Niagara Falls are absolutely majestic!
Once we worked up an appetite we stopped for lunch and caught the last quarter of the Bears game, just in time to watch them score the winning touchdown and take home the game.
We headed to a nearby state park to set up camp in the early evening.  Eleanor was so happy to finally be out of car seats and strollers and stretch her limbs.
At ten months old (yup, we missed a month update!) this is Eleanor's third camping trip.  As per usual, she insisted in sleeping in our arms on a deflating air mattress the entire night.  We love her anyway.
We woke up early the next day to get a start on the road.  Before we could head south, however, we had to take one more stop out of the way.
We drove into Canada just to say that we did.  We ate a breakfast of muffins and scones and hot coffee overlooking the beautiful falls and then loaded back in the car for the long trek back.  Yesterday's drive felt like the longest of my life.  I was so worn out (as evidenced by the tired face above).  We clearly made it and now have only happy memories and beautiful photos to look back on!  What a wonderful weekend!

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