Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrate at North Harbor

We were torn where to eat for our Anniversary celebration.  We wanted to try somewhere new, but we get stuck in restaurant ruts...mostly because of the lack of vegan options.  North Harbor has been on our to-do list for weeks, but it is a little pricey and we were worried they wouldn't have anything vegan.  So naturally we did our homework.  I found a bogo coupon on the internet and Mr. Kummerow called ahead to see if the chef would create a cruelty-free meal for the two of us.  Mr. K explained that it was our anniversary and we wanted it to be special.

Upon arriving our server, Ryan, brought us a crisp glass of champagne.  Apparently Mr. Kummerow gave the directions while on the phone and I was in the other room...sneaky.  The champagne was a Francis Coppola Sofia variety.  It was cool and light, and just right!
The neat thing about calling ahead--you don't even have to order.  The waiter whisked right over, stole our menus and mentioned that our dinner had already been ordered.  He offered us a fresh green salad with candied pecans and a sweet dressing.

Um, yes, please.
While we crunched on our salads, we played a game: first date questions.  Where do you see yourself 3/5/10 years from now? We pretended we were on a first date and had to answer the question as if we just met each other.  It was fun to see what our responses were when you are not burdened with responsibility and you are allowed to just dream up a future.

Dinner was served then and to my delight they brought out two separate dishes.  Typically when we try the "chef's special" we get the same thing.  This was fun and we split both dishes.
Dish one included risotto with steamed greens, grilled asparagus zucchini and tomatoes with a ?balsamic reduction? and some sort of sweet nectar sauce.  I know it sounds weird that I remember all the way back to Valentine's Day last year, but the sweet flavor was reminiscent to the glaze on the dish I got at Soiree.  I just can't remember the name or place the flavor.  It was sweet but not your typical honey-glaze sweet.  Oooh, I just can't place it.  But it was delicious and we gobbled it up!
Dish number two: I know the photo looks so weird and kind of gross, but it was dark and I had my point and shoot camera.  This was a butternut squash rigatoni with lots of yummy grilled veggies.  I'm not even sure if there was a sauce, but it was so fresh and good!  I especially loved all the little butternut squash pieces!

We spent the evening snapping photos of each other and reminiscing about our favorite memories over the last two years. 
We wanted to pick up a gift card for a friend at a different restaurant in Davidson.  You can read about our experience at the Flatiron Kitchen here.  So we headed across town and of course decided to sit at the bar and wait while they made our gift card.
We were somehow lured into this:
Flatiron is not just a kitchen, but also a taphouse.  They house some of the best flavors and varieties of brews.  We ended up trying 6 (and paying for 4) thanks to our wonderful bartenders.  I wish I could remember all the names, but I do remember the flavors.  From left to right: milk stout, hazlenut, vanilla java and Oktoberfest.  We were obviously in the mood for something a bit dark and moody.  The flavors were fun and unique and we enjoyed the experience!
Naturally we decided to take more photos of one another:
After the last sip was gone, we had our gift card, and we were also gone.
We had a wonderful evening! I highly recommend both of these restaurants for a fresh and veggie meal! 

Where did you go for your last anniversary? How do you celebrate?

Don't think for a moment the celebration is over! We still have a vacation coming up this weekend! Stay tuned!

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