Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joel's and JJ Wasabi's

Home Sweet Home this Holiday week!  No travels, no traffic, no long car rides...just us and our house.  We have lots of plans to take advantage of our long weekend together.  Starting with a sleep-in and a relaxing morning in our PJs on the couch.  Hmmm...this is the life!

Since I don't have much going on today, I thought I would take this time to tell you about my favorite restaurant, or should I say restaurants.  In Mooresville, we started off with Joel's Sushi first.  It was such a hit that the owners opened a second restaurant in downtown named JJ Wasabi's.  And while I have heard rumor of a different menu at JJ's, for the time the two restaurants have the same menu.  I like that, because I can be assured of my favorites at either place.

Now is the perfect time to tell you about these restaurants because I have eaten at the Joel's and JJ's not once, not twice, but three times in the last several days.  Mr. Kummerow and I celebrated his National Board Certification on Friday at JJ Wasabi's.  Yesterday my friend Chrissy invited me to lunch at Joel's and then again last night my boss invited Mr. Kummerow and I to eat dinner with them at Joel's!  I happily obliged.  I could eat sushi every day!

Joel's and JJ's are known for their Nirvana and Zeffy rolls and most who eat there will always order one of these two rolls...or a combination of the two known as a Zefana.  Unfortunately it is not vegan, so I no longer eat the Nirvana or Zeffy, but I used to, and I will tell you it is absolutely delish!
Now-a-days I enjoy a tofu roll or the V3 roll.  I almost always order veggie tempura and edamame and sometimes a spring roll.  For lunch yesterday I had a salad with ginger dressing and brown rice with veggies and tofu.  For dinner last night, the tofu roll and a spring roll.  Friday night, Mr. Kummerow and I shared veggie tempura and a V3 (3 veggies) roll and I also enjoyed a cup of miso soup. 

Basically, if you are ever in Mooresville I highly recommend either of these restaurants.  The atmosphere is very different at the two, but the food is the same and it is all good!  Enjoy!

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