Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy day friends!  It is Friday.  Let's all do the Friday dance...
You all know how I enjoy celebrations! Did you know having a child makes celebrating even more fun.  At one point during yesterday's holiday I realized that this will be Eleanor's last First Holiday (did you catch that?)  Luckily Adam reminded me we still have a FIRST birthday to get through.  And we will have many more firsts in our lifetime together.  But I got a little weepy realizing that this FIRST year is quickly coming to an end!
We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween with friends.  The parties started on Tuesday with our play group's Halloween party.  We each brought a snack and dressed up the babes.  Eleanor is the one hiding behind the pumpkin suit in the photos above. 
Throughout the week we enjoyed all these pumpkin and fall.  I'm not sure what she's eating in the photo above, but I can bet it has some pumpkin in it somewhere!
Last night we headed over to our friend's house.  Together we put together a quick meal of leftovers and then took the kids out for some Trick-or-Treating.  I chose the pumpkin costume because it was free!  You know I love free.  But also because my family nickname is Pumpkin and I wore a pumpkin costume many years for Halloween.  When I relayed this info to my friend Jenna last year, she happily handed down her daughter's costume.  I may be biased, but Eleanor was the cutest pumpkin ever!  You can tell she takes after her mommy, Perrier for the win!
Eleanor loved the wagon.  We walked around for several hours and bounced her from the wagon to our shoulders and back to the wagon again.
Of course we skipped all of the real trick-or-treating and left that for the older kiddos.  But we sure had a lot of fun anyway.
And now that Halloween is over and it is November already (how did that happen!) we are gearing up for the best celebrations of all!  Eleanor's first birthday and our fifth anniversary! 

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