Thursday, November 7, 2013


Yesterday was a momentous occasion! My baby girl turned one years old! Which also meant we celebrated our one year anniversary of entering parenthood! My what a year it has been!

Reflecting on yesterday there are a few things I would have being sick for one.  We tried not to let it dampen our spirits.  But I did wake up in a bad mood and I let that affect our morning.  I wish I would have just made the best of an icky situation.
However, I did take that lesson and applied it to the rest of our day.  I would not let this day be ruined.  The first order of business was TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! We had been cooped up too long.  We had some party planning details to attend to so we made our rounds between Party City, Hobby Lobby and Target.
While out shopping I found some really fun accessories for Eleanor.  I picked up a party hat to use later and I also found an adorable pink cap at Party City.  I wrestled to keep it on her head, but did manage to get her to wear it most of the day.  Nothing is cuter than a baby in a hat!
After we finished our shopping we lunched with our best friends Brittney and Harper.  We kept the girls out of reach of each other since they are both battling colds.  It seems to be going around quite a bit here.
Eleanor loved opening her first birthday gift.  I think she is going to do well at her party.
A bank.  I joked we will use it to save for her next birthday party (woo, these things can get expensive even if you aren't doing "pinterest-worthy" events!)  Eleanor didn't want to put it away.  She really just wanted to eat the strawberry off the top!

My baby girl was wiped out and fell asleep on the drive home from lunch.  I took the opportunity to snap a rare photo of her snoozing.
She is the peanut butter to my jam.  I can't stand to not be with her.  So I got stir-crazy when she decided to take a three and a half hour nap.  I was afraid she would sleep the whole day away.

She woke up just before Alex got home from work.  We immediately headed out to enjoy the day and the last few hours of Eleanor's birthday together.
This baby loves to swing.
It was time to figure out dinner then, and we became so indecisive.  Eventually we settled on Hickory Tavern and drove across town.
I don't know why but after ordering drinks we changed our minds.  We just didn't see anything on the menu catching our attention.  Part of my problem is being sick and not being able to taste anything.  I hated wasting a dinner out so we just ordered a round of sweet potato fries, finished our drinks and left for Plan B.
Plan B: Harris Teeter grilled veggie subs, a giant piece of chocolate cake (for the parents), a single yellow rose for our one year old, and a lemon cake pop from the adjoining Starbucks.  Not a bad plan.
Once home, we checked the mail and Eleanor received a beautiful homemade Birthday card from her "birthday twin" in Wisconsin.
She loved it and cried when we took it away for dinner. She was quickly preoccupied by the veggies, however.
I love that sweet face!  Happy Birthday Eleanor!
Her official cake smash will be this weekend...twice, actually.  But for fun we bought her the cake pop to see how she would do.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and she tore into it, loving every bite!

After dessert Eleanor had a birthday bath and then it was bedtime.  And just like that her first year of life is already over.  It all went by so quickly!

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