Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tomorrow I am running a marathon...

It is a beautiful day in Arizona!  I have not taken any photos of the beautiful scenery yet.  I don't think my brain is functioning properly.  Perhaps after tomorrow is over, I will be able to better share with you what I am enjoying.

This morning started with a quick 2 mile run to stretch out my legs, followed by a trip to the hot tub.  Love the hot tub! 

I was very excited to find out a childhood friend of mine lives in Phoenix and we were able to meet up for lunch today.  She even suggested an all vegan restaurant!  Jordan and her friend Natalie picked Melisa and I up at our resort, the Firesky Hotel and after showing them around our beautiful digs, we headed out for some eats.  I was starving.  (I promise I will give you a full tour of these beautiful accommodations really soon!)
We haven't seen each other in 6-10 years and haven't lived near each other since 5th grade, but you would never know it.  Conversation flowed freely and we had a lovely lunch.
Green was quite a little drive from our hotel, so it was nice that Jordan was able to drive us!  It was located in a plaza that has seen better days, but once inside it was another world.  The decor was industrial but warm and they offered faux meat treats alonside delicious rice bowls and fully stocked salads. 
There was a separate menu for the Tsoynamis and I was sure to save room!  Here is a quick peak at all of our eats:
Appetizers included Eggless Eggrolls and Crab Stuffers sans crab. 

My dish was a mock-pulled pork sandwich made of portabella mushrooms and was divine!
This Buffalo "Chicken" dish was the closest thing to chicken I have eaten since 2009!
And this burger was deliciously spicy and made from an array of veggies and protein sources!
Melisa's "Chicken" bowl was also scrumptious!
We heard that their mock-chicken has won awards and I can understand why.  I was a little creeped out by how realistic it tasted and felt!  But it was awesome!

After eating only half our entrees, we each downed our own Tsoynamis!  This is a blizzard-esque treat made out of homemade Soy Soft Serve.  It was so good and had none of that awkward after taste that soy ice cream sometimes possesses.
I enjoyed the Ts'mores Tsoynami to make up for missing out on S'mores last night! 

After our delicious meal, Jordan dropped us off at the Expo and packet pick up.  I somehow missed every opportunity to photograph my very first marathon expo, but I walked away with a great tech-T and some mini-Larabars that I am excited to bust into!

We had another friend pick us up and headed back to Scottsdale for dinner with all the other SoleMates.  My vegan entree included pasta cooked just right with roasted veggies.
Dinner was delicious and I loved the butternut squash mixed in!

After dinner, we had a special speaker: Coach Jenny.  Not everyone gets a pep talk from the Coach Jenny prior to their first marathon, so I felt very special! 
Jenny Hadfield was full of great advise, like hydrate well in the dry climate, start out slow, and go out for your best run, rather than a specific time.  Her speech calmed my nerves a bit, but simultaneously made me realize that I really am running a marathon tomorrow!

Before we left the restaurant I also enjoyed some hot tea and sorbet!
We headed to a nearby grocery store to grab food for tomorrow including peanut butter and bananas and coconut milk.  And when we returned to the hotel I enjoyed a coconut macaroon and a coconut water.  Mmmm, gotta love the coconut!
(sorry for the dark sideways photo...not sure why it does it but I'm too tired to fix it right now!)

Ok, it is 9pm and my alarm is set for a 4 o'clock wake up!  I must get my butt in bed and hope to catch a few zzzz's before tomorrow!  I can't believe it is really here!  Tomorrow I'm running a marathon!  Wish me luck!

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