Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Marathon Happenings

My post-marathon position!  Blogging and icing...what more could you expect!

Jennifer and Lindsay's post-marathon position:
Ice Cold Beers!

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After a relaxing afternoon, Melisa, Jennifer and I walked to the restaurant Olive and Ivy for a Welcome Reception for the Girls on the Run Summit.  The appetizers were light, and we had appetities!
We mingled a bit, and then walked next door where our other two friends were waiting for us at Stax.  This place was so good!  I can't describe our excited I was to eat a huge meal!  And Stax did not disappoint!

We started with an order of Tots, Sweet Potato Fries and their homemade Hummus.
And Yum!

The pitas were nice and warm, the tots were salty in a good way, and sweet potato fries never disappoint!

They have a make-your-own-burger special and you can choose from any of their patties including one exotic selection of the day.  Today it was venison, but I obviously went with the veggie patty made of quinoa and black beans!  It was so good!  I topped my burger with avocado, pineapple, and mushrooms with peach bbq sauce on the side, all topped on a house made sour dough loaf!
Their burgers are 3 inch patties and are super cheap so you can order a bunch if you'd like.  But with all the sides and appetizers, one was plenty.

On the side I ordered the butternut squash which was to-die-for!
Oh my goodness, words cannot describe the rich deliciousness of this dish.  It was my dessert!

Melisa ordered the veggie burger as well (I'm rubbing off on her!)

All the food was eaten and downed along with several glasses of water.  I think I am now fully hydrated and re-fueled!  I did also eat a few bites of a vegan chocolate peanut butter bar I bought from Green a few days ago.  It was delicious!  But it isn't very photogenic so there are no pics.

Back at the hotel the others cooked s'mores and we hung out by the fire.  And of course Melisa and I had to capture our fabulous post-marathon outfits:
Did I mention Melis is a mom...a hot mom at that!  And wearing heels after running a marathon!

I think I managed to look pretty hot myself!  Given my accomplishment for the day, I was impressed I even managed to blow-dry my hair!
And here's the final marathon break down.  I finished right under 5 hours and 20 miinutes.  Although I forgot to turn my watch off until after I was already in the medical tent getting ice!  My chip time came in at 5 hours and 16 minutes.  I couldn't be more proud and happy!
Off to find a big breakfast and to the vendor fair for Girls on the Run!

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  1. You did it!!! Hooray! Good job! Hope your ankle feels better soon. Enjoy your time in Phoenix.