Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Girl


Can somebody please remind me what a blog is?  What is Vegan Faith?  Is that a place? 

I mean, I've been gone so long, it nearly slipped my mind entirely.  Sitting on the couch tonight with a snoozing baby and a clean kitchen, I started to ponder how to fill my evening.  It's quiet.  My to-do list is checked off for the day...oh wait, there's this little ole' thing I used to spend my time doing.  It's called blogging.  And I have been very absent for nearly two weeks now. 

So I'm back.  I'm ready to get out of my own head.  And use this space for a little cathartic writing.  And to dump so photos off my hard drive. 

Ready for it?
I have the happiest baby on the planet!

But she is no longer enjoying my singing.  Unfortunately.  Used to be, our favorite thing to do in the car was blast Adele as loud as we could stand and sing at the top of our lungs (and yes by we, I mean me.)  Lately I turn Adele on and she immediately starts to cry.  What gives?  It can't be my singing voice clearly.  Trust me, you want to be my best friend and ride along with me and sing Adele at the top of your lungs too.  You can't resist!
Eleanor is showing off her pincer grasp above!  And those pearly whites.  Lately she is obsessed with her own hands and my teeth.  She loves to watch me brush them each morning. 
Eleanor looks like such a little girl in this photo above.  It kills me.  Not so fast child, stay young.  Forever my baby.  Please.

I think we finally found a new babysitter who is worthy spending time with my precious baby girl.  I mean that in the nicest way possible, but folks, I am being super picky.  This little girl is my world.  That and of course her daddy.  But if I can't be with her all day every day, it sure has to be a special person to make the cut.  I am praying this one works out because I was borderline crazy for the last few weeks!
Take a close look at these photos.  The two first ones were from over a week ago.  The two bottom ones are from today.  I swear Eleanor went from baby to little girl over night.  Same outfit, but completely different face.  Maybe it's the shoes that is making her look all grown up.  Or maybe she's just growing up.  Have I mentioned yet how very much I love her?  So even when she's asleep upstairs during naps and at night, I stalk my own Instagram and phone just to see pictures of her.  Like right now, I can't be with her, so instead I'm writing about her.  Gah!  Cannot get enough!
And those shoes!  Thanks Ashley for letting us use them.  They are so cute on her.  I never want to take them off.  (She even napped in them today!) 

Ok, I thought I would write about more than just Eleanor tonight.  Apparently my brain is stuck on her.  Tomorrow will likely be an Eleanor post too...her 9 month update is long overdue!  And then maybe we will get back to me.

Have a fun night friends! 

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