Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's August 25th.  The last time I posted was 10 days ago! Blogging is clearly not a priority in my life.  Boo.  I miss the passion and excitement that used to consume my writing on Vegan Faith.  It is just mostly not there anymore.  I am always "writing."  But rarely do I take the time to get it from my head to the screen.  You've heard me wax on about this before. 

I can't tell if this is a season in my life.  Maybe once work slows back down, I'm adjusted to the new babysitter and routine, and we begin all of our fun fall activities, maybe then I will be excited to write again and capture life at the Kummerow's.  Until then, I am unapologetically taking breaks when I need to, and writing when the urge arrives.  Like now.

This weekend we took an impromptu trip to Highlands, NC to visit our friends.  They were vacationing from Wisconsin.  Fun fact: Jody and Casey are the reason Alex and I met.  When they moved from Missouri to Wisconsin to lead YMCA Camp Edwards I followed them for work.  That summer I met Alex and the rest is history. 
Fun fact #2: Their little boy George was born the same exact day as Eleanor.  In fact, our due dates were the same (November 16th) and our little ones both came 10 days early, weighing in at almost exactly the same: 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 6 pounds 9 ounces.  How funny!
We had a wonderful time, although it was a very quick trip.  We returned home in time for dinner at Brittney's to watch the last episode of The Bible with a group of friends.  Now I'm truly exhausted.
In other fun news, Alex and I finally got out for a date night a few weeks ago.  The Panthers were playing the Bears for the first game of the pre-season and so we stole away for some tailgating and football fun.
Sadly the Panthers third string beat our third stringers.
But honestly I was having too much fun to care.

So wow! It's already the last week in August.  We are already experiencing Fall-like weather.  And school starts up tomorrow for the kiddos.  Where did summer go?  On the queue for this week...sign more teams and coaches for Girls on the Run, send Eleanor off to a brand new babysitter, try to work out (I do have a triathlon coming up in just weeks!), make time for God EVERYDAY!, love my husband, and stay sane.  I can do this!

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