Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's time for a little fun

Aren't we tired of sick talk yet?  It's time for a little fun around here.  Wouldn't you know, that is my very first car.  It was darling, eh?  Pictured at 16 years old, there were days I was on top of the world with my new found freedom, and there were many days I hated life because I had to ride around in this!  For $700 bucks, my mom brought me home this beast and although I complained more often than not, we certainly had some good times in the boat!
It's hard to tell to the untrained eye...but looking at myself back then, I look hardly old enough to see over the steering wheel, let alone drive this beast.  Pink was clearly my favorite color and we did joke about painting the exterior in pink.
Although it wasn't the coolest car, my friends had no problem hopping in with me!  We at least made the best of what I considered the worse possible scenario. 

I went on to drive several other cars throughout high school.  You know, once I put this thing in the ditch too many times, when the blinker switch fell out, and then when the gear shift fell out and I was stuck in reverse in a parking lot!  Once I hooked up the jumper cables wrong and blew the battery.  I think the best quirk was the timing issue, which would leave the car puttering for minutes (maybe even hours) after I would turn off the car and remove the key.  Like the cool high schooler I was, I just walked away and pretended not to notice! 

Perhaps our favorite joke was that the car was haunted.  Notice the whole side of dents...well I actually had nothing to do with those.  The old lady who had the car before me drove the car along the side of several gravestones while visiting her dear husband one day.  As we would drive along the highways, the back doors would sometimes, and completely randomly fly open on their own.  Yup, how's that for a first car story!

I can't remember exactly when I got a different car or why we ended up getting rid of this one.  Somehow, I think this car ran even when I was finally done with it.  I remember we gave it away.  I believe I was way lucky to have a car at 16, and with my destructive nature I was way lucky to have a car that was so indestructible.  Maybe next time I am home I will find photos from my next car...the White Honda Accord.  While it had its own level of fun, I don't think it will ever compare to my Mercury Monarch!

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