Monday, March 28, 2011

Coyote Kitchen

It was the much anticipated visit to Coyote Kitchen on Saturday night.  So many people have recommended this restaurant to me and I finally had the opportunity to check it out for myself.

After the retreat this weekend, I met Mr. Kummerow in Hickory and we drove together to Boone to meet my boss-friend and the kiddos for dinner.  I was hoping Bob and Toby would find something that they would enjoy.  They love tacos so it wasn't too difficult.  Dr. Russ started us off with a few appetizers including (my favorite) Fried Plantains.  Yummy!

Mr. Kummerow and I each ordered soup to start.  It was a dreary day and this cup hit the spot!
They had two vegan options!  My cup was Jalapeno Yam and Mr. Kummerow's was a Tomato Soup.  Both were amazing!  I could eat them everyday.  Mine was sweet.  You couldn't really taste the heat of the jalapeno, but you felt it.  Not too hot, just right.  The tomato soup was garlicky and creamy!  Yummy!  Each served with a crispy slice of toast.

For our entrees, we decided to get two and split them between us.
I had the Gabriella: coconut rice, blackened tofu, sweet potatoes, black beans and a vegan dressing.  It was AHmazing!  Also so filling.  Mr. Kummerow and I split the dish but only ate half of it total.  (I just finished the other half for lunch!)  It was the best burrito I have ever eaten.
Our other dish was one of the open face sandwiches.  Mr. Kummerow ordered the Guacamole Tempeh without cheese...but as you can see in this photo...there is something lacking.  It came without the Guac!  We didn't realize it until we left but the whole time we kept saying we thought something was missing!  I am so disappointed by this dish.  The tempeh was very flavorful but without the cheese and guac it was very dry and did not sate my palate.

When I visit Coyote Kitchen again, I will definitely order one of the boats.  Both Dr. Russ and Susan each had a boat and they look AWESOME!  I was super jealous!

We finished up our meals and our waitress came around inviting us to try dessert.  I shook my head no immediately but then I heard the magic words escape from her lips: Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Cake.  Before the rest of the table could respond I practically shouted YES, PLEASE!
The others also ordered a slice and Mr. Kummerow and I tackled this one in no time.  They broiled it to warm it up and the peanut butter and fudge was melty and gooey!  Beautiful!  I took my time and savored every bite.  It has been too long chocolate cake...too long!
Seconds anyone? Ok, so I didn't go that far!  I was bursting at the seams.  Uncomfortably Happy.

We spent Saturday evening with the kiddos and their family at the Mountain House.  We watched a movie and made signs for Ashley and Erin.  Saturday flew by and before we knew it it was nearing midnight and Mr. Kummerow and I had an early wake up call.  I mixed together a batch of Chocolate Pudding Overnight Oats and hit the hay.
After driving over an hour to Virginia Sunday morning, we parked and enjoyed this giant bowl of oats topped with Peanut Butter Puffins and strawberries.  After a short while it was time to get out of the car (and into the cold Mountain air) and cheer for the girls.
This was Ashley's first marathon and Erin's 7th (or is it 8...even she has lost tracked!)  We met them at mile 9, 13.5, 18, 25 and the finish!  We had 3 signs and each time held up a different one!  Here we are at mile 13.5:
And here they come!
At just over 2 hours they were rocking this marathon to pieces!

And here we are back in the car, eating more puddin'!
Our morning consisted of drive, eat, cheer.  Drive, eat, cheer.
Drive, eat, cheer!
Go Erin, Go!
Go Ashley, Go!

Of course we found some time to have a little fun of our own!

On any adventure with the Kummerow's a photo shoot always ensues:
Apparently it was a Tanya Photo Shoot Day because barely any photos emerged of Mr. Kummerow!
At least we remembered to snap photos of the girls...the whole reason we were there!
At mile 25 they were struggling to smile but they were still rocking!  Just 1.2 to go ladies!  Dig deep!

Finally they crossed the finish line and donned their royal robes.
And dropped to their knees to say a prayer of thanksgiving!
Ok, maybe she was just petting Tito! 

Ashley and Erin wasted no time and were off to shower in just a few short minutes.  The weather was cool and damp and not conducive to a fun finish line celebration.  We agreed to meet them for lunch just a while later at a local cafe up the road.
This place was so cute!  I was so excited to check it out!  Unfortunately the vegan options were lacking, but we weren't complaining.  The ambiance in the Wildflour Bakery was worth it! 
I sucked down decaf coffee to warm my body as we waited on Ashley and Erin and the rest of their cheering squad.

Mr. Kummerow and I shared a salad.
Wildflour Bakery has a large selection of homemade breads and baked goods.  We opted for two slices of their flax bread toasted with a side of hummus to accompany our salad.  When our food arrived the toast had been buttered and their (delicious looking) hummus was fitted with feta cheese.  Our server was great and took the hummus off our bill and brought us two more slices of dry toast to go.  I was initially bummed...but then we remembered the stash of food in the car and quickly formulated a plan.
Eggless salad on the flax toast.  Mmm, mmm!  I honestly have no idea what town we were in and where you could locate the Wildflour Bakery, but if you are near wherever it is, you must check it out.  Seriously their hummus looked amazing and this bread was so good! 

On the way home we enjoyed a few snacks and beautiful views.
This was my first time to Virginia and I definitely want to come back and play for a longer time!  We were only 3 hours from home.  A weekend getaway would definitely be possible!

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