Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Labor Day recaps

On Saturday morning at the Kummerow home in Illinois, I set up shop at the bar. This was "Operation make the Mac work."  As I concluded earlier this week, both computers now work, however, we are still having photo transferring issues.  But as you can tell it is not preventing me from blogging anymore!
This was my lovely breakfast:
I had been craving an English Muffin for weeks, but when I went to buy them at the store I noticed they were full of crazy ingredients I couldn't pronounce.  Since these were already bought and just sitting there on the counter, I decided to dive right in.  Oooh, nothing beats those nooks! Also featured in this breakfast are peanut butter (of course), homemade elderberry jam, 1/2 peach and 1/2 banana.
For lunch I went out with these fine ladies: Julia (my sister), Kelsey (you met her when she visited earlier this summer) and Danielle- quite possibly the funniest girl on earth.  No one could ask for better dining company!
And no one could ask for a better dining experience! I love The Brick.  It is a quaint place on the corner of downtown Belvidere.  Not many vegetarian/vegan options, but lots of local and organic food.
Lunch was served.  This was a veggie sandwich, but came more like a quesadilla.  I got it without mayo and bbq sauce on the side.  After the lunches came out, I noticed the other girls got wheat thins instead of chips.  Darn, I missed that memo.  I also got a decaf coffee in a fun clay mug.
The Brick is eclectically decorated with artwork from all local artists.  It is fantastic!  After lunch we walked over to an ice cream shop and bakery so the girls could get some dessert.  Belvidere is such a neat little town.  I mentioned before the wonderful biking/walking trails, but they also have this fun little downtown section.
Dinner Saturday night was without Mr. Kummerow- he went to the Bachelor party in the City.  But featured was another one of Dave's (Senior Mr. Kummerow) Square Meals.
Mine was obviously without meat, but this veggie spread was quite tasty and colorful if you ask me! Dinner was also served with Julia's famous chopped salad.  I love the way she creates this: colorful and chopped so fine, you get a taste of everything in every bite!
And of course what meal at the Kummerow home is complete without a glass of wine?
And a yummy cup of french press to complete the meal?
The others enjoyed a piece of Grandma's cake, I photographed it, but dare not even feature it.  It is certainly not vegan, and one look at it may have you swearing off veganism for the rest of your lives!

What non-vegan foods tempt you?  And if you are not a vegan, tell me what foods in general tempt you? I found that I can replace any non-vegan food with a vegan substitute if I really needed a "fix".  That keeps me from "messing up."  Take last night for example...Mr. Kummerow and I divulged in a large bowl of Coconut Milk German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream!  Yummy!

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