Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Fitness Challenge Work Out

It is a new month and February is full of fresh new things!  It even started off with a fresh warmish sort of day.  Yesterday was wonderful!  Warming to the bones!

With a new month always comes a new "Ashley's Army" work out.  February's is challenging!  But I'm still not sure if it is as hard as January's.  Check it out:
click to enlarge
I really enjoy this new work out, but that may be because I have only done it with Angie and Ashley so far, and working out with friends is always more fun!

On top of weight lifting, my main form of exercise these days is in the form of swimming.  Today's swim was excellent.  The more I swim, the more I am enjoying it!  Getting in the frigid water is difficult, but once I'm in and warmed up, I don't want to stop.  I'm not sure I have ever said that about running!

Today's Swim (all freestyle):
300yd warm up
800yd swim (quick pace)
300yd drills (1-arm)
200yd slow cool down

I also swam yesterday:
250 warm up
4x100 speed work
250 swim
4x100 speed work
250 cool down

I really like the speed work in the pool and I definitely was winded from that swim!  Typically I swim for about 45 minutes and I feel like I have gotten an excellent work out.

While I would still like to be running at least a little, swimming is becoming my new favorite exercise and I am just thankful for some sort of release.  Especially since this is registration week for Girls on the Run.  I have been so busy!  Which is why I will close this post now to go eat dinner.  Have a great evening!

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