Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the Cowfish

This morning I woke up later than usual. That's how I know I am getting sick.  The kind lady at the gym on Sunday told me that if it is just your head, you can still work out...and it may actually help you get better.  If it's your body and your head, then you need to stay in bed!

With that mentality, and a slightly stuffy head, I headed out of doors for an 8 mile run!  This is my first mid-week run in 2 weeks because I have spent so much time in the pool jogging.  It felt really good to be outside for a run that is less than 18 miles!  All in all the run went well.  There was tightness in my knee but not pain.  It was cold, but I made it.  I was dogging myself about halfway, but didn't let myself quit.  My body conquered my brain this morning.

The highlight of the run was returning home, removing my cap, and pushing the hair behind my ears, only to realize that my hair had formed into icicles from the sweat and the below-freezing temps!  I believe it was only 18* this morning with a windchill of 8-10*!

But I digress.  The real point of this post is actually several evenings ago.  I'm not sure how I fell off track and have made it 2 whole days without posting about this experience!  So to the original topic:  the Cowfish.

Now what does a vegan have to do with cow and fish?  Not very much, except that in this case, there were actually quite a few vegan options!
Not on that page of the menu!  But I had to share with you this creation of Burgushi.  Yup, that would be a burger rolled up like sushi.  I wanted to try so desperately!

So really though, what would possess a vegan to even attempt a restaurant with so much meat in its name?  Nothing less than my very first blogger meet-up!  Teri from A Foodie Stays Fit organized this fun little evening and we gathered in the back of this restaurant with about 10 other woman with food/health related blogs.

This experience was quite different than anything I had been a part of before.  Although my blog is over a year old now, I am still very new to the blogging world.  I was of course the last one to arrive, and my nerves were already so high, but I settled into my seat right next to Nicole...ahhh a familiar face.  I have been following her blog for quite sometime.  She is very witty...check it out!

I was also seated right across from Katie, who was a returning customer to Cowfish, and a vegetarian.  The menu was so large and overwhelming, I looked to her to guide me through some of the non-cow and fish items.  Luckily, there were many options to choose from.  The create-your-own sushi roll caught my eye, but when it came time to order, I had become so engrossed in conversation, I had no time to make up my mind.  In the end I went with a no-brainer menu item: the Soy Vegan Sushi Roll.

Before our entrees arrived, the fine staff at Cowfish served complimentary appetizers to our table.  Oooh, the perks of being a blogger.  All of the dishes looked fantastic, but I stuck to the vegan options.  I had to practice self-control after all, I had all these bloggers watching me that clearly knew the name of my blog: VeganFaith!
My app plate: Edamame and Sweet and Spicy Thai Cucumbers.
I also stole a few wontons off this appetizer plate.  Fun fact: back in the day this was my favorite treat ever...Crab Rangoon dip served with wontons.  For some reason I loved the playfulness of the broken down familiar.

As we finished up our appetizers and awaited our entrees we participated in a fun game of White Elephant.  This weekend clearly had a theme!  This version of White Elephant was vastly different from Saturday night's game.  More food related items.  Go figure!

Finally, food arrived.
Did I mention that I ordered sparkling water and they served me this:
And yes, I did finish the entire bottle!

Back to dinner, the roll was delicious!  I prefer my sushi wrapped in Nori (seaweed) not soy wrapper, and I was disappointed when it arrived.  Then I realized the name of the dish was Soy Vegan Roll, and decided to let it go.  Inside was a combination of beets and mango and the flavor dimension in this roll was outstanding!  The combo was a party in my mouth!  I highly recommend pairing these two ingredients together!

I highly recommend this restaurant for its fun and innovative flavors and dishes.  But also because it really can suit anyone's palate.  You can bring a large group and everyone can find something they would like.  The large menu is a bit overwhelming, but certain to please any eater!

After dinner I moved around the table to mingle with some of the other bloggers.  I didn't get many photos.  It was so interesting to see everyone else photographing their food and friends, that I sorta forgot to take my own photos.  You can check out their blogs for more photos!  Now I kinda know how people feel when they eat out with me and I am constantly photographing everything in sight!

Finally I got to chat with Teri, the organizer, and one blog that I am a major fan of.  She is just as cute and wonderful and personable in person as she portrays in her blog.  She is so stylish and sweet!  We planned a double date day to meet up with our hubbies in Blowing Rock soon and I am so excited!  I can't wait to get to know her better! 

All of the bloggers I met were super sweet and friendly.  It was such a fun experience and I can't wait for my next opportunity to meet-up!  It is nice to share common interests!  Here are all the women I met on Sunday:

Katie, Lori, Heather, Michelle, Jessie, Brittney, Jen, Jackie, Diana, Teri

I think that's everybody!

Well because dinner was so early, I made it home in plenty of time for this fun experiment:
What do you do with popcorn and cranberries on a cold winter night?
You string it up of course!

I borrowed a friend's air popper for this experiment.  These things are so fun.  I want one!  Let's just put it on the wish list for Santa!
It didn't take too long, but many finger pricks and needle threadings later, we ended with our final product!
Isn't it beautiful?!  I have always wanted to make one.  I love it!

What fun Christmas decorations are you making this year?  Next on our to-do list is homemade Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments.

Ahh, I forgot to mention, when the bill came at dinner, mine had been discounted to 0!  I made the waiter aware of the mistake, but ensured them that they need not fix it!  She did return after checking with the manager and assured me that it was on the house that evening.  Not everyone got as lucky, but I was thrilled!  Thanks for the delicious free meal Cowfish!


  1. so fun to meet you! glad you like it! i think i'll be getting the soy vegan roll next time...

  2. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you more at the event because of our seating at the table, but it was nice to meet you! I've been reading through your blog and enjoying it! It's fun to see how your marathon training is going, since I'm going through the same things. I hope to hang out with you again sometime soon. I'm willing to drive north to your side of town :)

  3. It was fun meeting you and getting to chat with you at dinner!! I am glad you enjoyed your first blog meet-up ;) YAY

  4. Great to meet you :) So much fun to chat... and I loved your new haircut!