Friday, August 20, 2010

The women who inspire me!

Lunch yesterday was a show-stopper! On Wednesday with "the Kids" (aka Bob and Toby the girl) I stopped by Luna's Living Kitchen in South Charlotte. I grabbed mine to-go so I could feed their faces with not-so-healthy pizza, and then I never found the opportunity to eat it. Finally on Thursday, I enjoyed it for lunch. Now bare with me, because it obviously looks less than fantastic being that it is a whole day old. The guacamole topping is just a little browned and the burger itself is a little crumbly...but do not let that sway your judgment of this masterpiece.

The veggie burger (Sprouted Quinoa-Kamut Veggie Burger) came highly recommended by a colleague at Girls on the Run International. Initially I thought what a drab! I eat veggie burgers all the time. Alas, I went with the recommendation...and was not disappointed! Delicious. Luna's Living Kitchen is all raw and vegan fare with an edge on creativity. Many vegan restaurants I visit try very hard to replicate "real" food (cheese, meat, etc.) I love this place because it is just wholesome, local and fresh ingredients. They don't try to hide the greens, the veggies, the whole grains. They embrace them! They make no excuses for their health food. It is what it is. No fake chicken nuggets here (although I do have a soft spot for ZiZi's chicken nuggets).

And of course, what lunch is complete without grapes?

So I have I mentioned lately how awesome my job is? No, not the nanny job...that one is very awesome. But my "real" job. Girls on the Run. Last night I got to hang out with about 20 of the coolest women I know. Why are they cool? Because they are volunteering their time this season to help young girls become strong, secure and self-aware! To help them get to know themselves and their ideals and what it means to live outside the "Girl Box". Last night was the first of two trainings I will be hosting this week. And each time I get to gather with like-minded adults and reflect on the difficulties of being a girl today (and when I was a girl), I am just awed and amazed that a program exists to help these girls find their true selves. And even more awed and amazed that I get to be a part of this important organization. Watching the video of Molly Barker at coach's training and hearing her story, and why she started Girls on the Run always drives me to tears. Experiencing emotion like this is so good and healthy for me. The coolest part was that I wasn't the only one choking back tears and stifling sniffs. These women surrounding me were as touched and honored to be there as I was. All morning I have been receiving emails from these ladies thanking me for hosting this training. All I can think is seriously? Why are these women thanking me? I should be the one at their knees thanking them for their precious time that they are committing. How wonderful this program is! That women (and men) will give so freely of their time and energy...and then thank me for the opportunity to do so! Check out last night's recruitment of new coaches:

Strike a pose ladies!

And then this morning...another successful bowl of Vegan Overnight Oats. This is the Oatmeal Cookie version that I just can't get enough of. But I need to switch it up soon!

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