Thursday, June 14, 2012

Official start of summer

Summer officially starts when Alex is done with school.  That would make today our very first day of summer.  To kick it off we enjoyed a nice little sleep-in and a delicious breakfast out.
I used to encourage Alex to get a summer job.  Really I just hated that I had to be at work all summer and he didn't.  Encourage puts it lightly...I used to really make him take summer jobs. 

Nowadays he gets to be my assistant during the summer.  Everything is always more fun with two, including work.  So this morning he assisted me with plenty of errands before we picked up the Jeep from the shop. must be thinking: How do they have that Jeep.  I thought they traded it in for a new Honda Civic!  You would be right.  But I failed to mention how buyer's remorse crept in oh-so-slowly and on the 7th day of our 7-day return policy window we took the car back and they returned our Jeep to us.  Dave Ramsey (or Damn Ramsey as our friends kindly refer to him) now acts as our money conscience and something about taking on more debt just felt very uncomfortable. 

Instead, we used the settlement from the car accident to help fix the AC and the window in the Jeep and now it runs perfect!  Gas mileage still stinks, but with the $250 a month we will be saving in car payments, I think we can handle the gas. 

So that's our story and we're sticking to it.  At least for right now. 

Have you ever made any purchases that you later regret?  I do.  All.The.Time. 

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