Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chicago Diner

Oh my goodness! I'm in heaven!

Ok, so I do think it is a good thing I don't have a place like this close to home. Why? Because I would not be able to control myself. When we go out to eat it is easy...there is usually only a few items for me to choose from. At Chicago Diner it took me a very long time to choose my entree!

The whole restaurant is vegan with the exception of cheese in a few dishes (you can substitute any of it for vegan cheese.) So Mr. Kummerow and I visited the diner with Jacqui and Nicole. The diner is close to their place in the city and they were gracious to show us around. Well we all got different dishes and shared so we could get a taste for everything.

I got the Sweet Potato Quesadilla. AWESOME!
Mr. Kummerow had the Dagwood. AWESOME!
Jacqui had the California Reuben. AWESOME!
And Nicole got the Taco Salad. AWESOME!

I was so impressed with our meals that I forgot to take a snapshot. I even told Mr. Kummerow to remind me before we got in the diner...but he forgot. That is how excited we were. In fact, for most of our vacation I forgot to photograph our food. We were just so excited! So here is the photo I took. Forgive the photo of the half-eaten entree...

For dessert Jacqui and I each got vegan milkshakes. I have been craving a milkshake for weeks. I had the chocolate peanut butter and Jacqui had a peanut butter banana. I also got a carrot cake to-go for dessert later. Mr. Kummerow and I shared it that evening.

I highly recommend this restaurant. Of course it isn't food I would want to eat every day...I was so full and couldn't eat the rest of the day. But it was so yummy! And I got a great idea to make sweet potato quesadillas!

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