Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To be continued...

Whooo! I feeeeel Good! Nanananana! So good. So good. I gotta-you! Dunt-dunt-dunt-do!

I'm singing and skipping this morning.  Because it is nary 8am and I am done with my workout, I've had my liter of water and eaten breakfast.  What's with the productive morning, you ask?  Two things: first, I have been so unproductive lately it is killing me.  Productivity is good for the soul.  On Monday I was in such a funk and I think it has to do with this productivity think.  I feel worthless if I'm not working hard.  Must work harder!

Second, the kiddos have a short day today.  In order to squeeze in a workout and some very important work I had to get up and get going early.  So at 5am I busted out of bed and threw on my running clothes.  I laid them all out the night before to make it easy.  Mr. Kummerow and Mr. Kosal were also up and running with me this morning.  We completed a quick 3-miler (probably slow for them) and I was showered and ready to start my day by 6am!

Breakfast was just so-so considering how anticipated it was.  We have been planning a trip to the NY Bagel Shop all week and this morning was just the morning.  However, they didn't have avocado and neither of us were in the mood for peanut butter (we had PB as a late night snack yesterday) so we grabbed coffee and ran over to Panera.  Panera's bagels are good, don't get me wrong...but they aren't NY Bagel Shop bagels.  And they are skimpy on their toppings.  We were each served 1/4 of an avocado on our bagels and that was just not enough.  I only ate half of my bagel with the avocado...I'm not in the school of eating a bagel plain with no toppings.  After all that running around to get breakfast I forgot to snap a photo of my not-so-good breakfast.  You didn't want to see it anyway, did you?

However, let me share with you the delightful dessert we had last night.

Deconstructed S'mores

I had leftover grahams, chocolate chips and Ricemellow Creme from the Refrigerator Cake last week.  We used it all up on these yummy treats.  And of course added Peanut Butter to them.  All s'mores should come with Peanut Butter don't you think?

I have been experimenting with the new foods lately and this was one of my experiments this week.

Mochi Waffles

I'm not sure I'm loving it.  I think I did not cook it long enough and the insides were so gooey and chewy and sticky.  I am going to try it one more time before I post this very simple recipe.

To be continued...

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