Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tanya's World

In a perfect world this would always be the view from my seat:
I'm speaking of the lake and the beach of course...but Kristen and Chase aren't a bad view either!

In a perfect world, the beds in my yard would always be neatly groomed as they were in I got home yesterday- thanks hubby!):
And in a perfect world, dinner would always be ready when I came home from work:
Ok, at least yesterday that was my perfect world: Tanya's World. 

In reality I suppose I don't really want dinner to always be ready for me on the table.  Then I don't have the opportunity to share in creating the meal.  And no opportunity to snap photos of the process of cooking such a wonderful meal.  But when I arrived home late from work yesterday to the aroma of coconut and Indian spices I was in heaven.

Of course we will have to twist Mr. Kummerow's arm to get the recipe out of him...that will have to be for another day.

Today, another perfect day continues.  It is sunny and already very warm outside.  My workout is OVER, and I have a sweet potato in the oven baking away for a scrumptious lunch.  I also just found a delicious kale salad recipe on The Edible Perspective that I believe will be accompanying that sweet potato.  Perfect!

In my world, it doesn't take much to make me happy! 
 I hope each of you has a perfect day today! 

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