Thursday, April 14, 2011

Productivity Take 2

Hello wonderful Thursday!  Too bad yesterday felt like Friday, therefore making work excruciating!  Ok, that is a bit harsh.  My job is actually quite awesome, but how do I deal with work days when I don't really want to be working? 


To start my work day off and get in the groove, some days it is easier to start outside of work.  On the road.  At the store.  Making copies.  Visiting schools and coaches.  I get to enjoy the nice weather outside and I can count that 20 minute drive as part of work.  By the time I finish my errands usually it is lunch time--time for a break and then I am more energized to sit down at my desk and plow through the emails.


Exercising before work is also conducive to my productivity.  I've mentioned before that if I have a workout looming ahead it is all I can think about.  To clear my mind and be more focused it helps me if I have already worked out for the day.

This morning I started off with about an hour of desk time before my Pilates class.  Knowing that I only had an hour helped me plow through my to-do list. 

Rather than go straight home after Pilates (knowing I would procrastinate work if I did) I opted to bring everything necessary to complete my errands.  I ran to Statesville, the post office, the bank, and a quick stop by Kohl's to use a gift card.
New sunglasses folks.  These were a long time coming!  (My teeth look extremely beautiful in this photo if I do say so myself...I have no secrets, I just brush daily)

I made it home just in time for an un-pictured lunch.  But it looked a little something like this:
What is that you are asking?  You mean I haven't given you this recipe yet either?  This is what happens when I go from not cooking at all to cooking a bunch.  I get all backed up and you get no recipes either way.  Bad blogger.  Let's just say, recipe coming soon!  I promise.

Back to the recipe promises of yesterday, however.  I still have not tried the Mochi Waffles again so that will have to wait.  But are you ready for homemade ravioli?  I don't think anyone is ever ready.  So why do we make it at all?  Well, because there just isn't premade vegan ravioli that exists.  If you know of one then I will swear off the homemade variety forever. 

Mr. Kummerow says I'm being a little melodramatic.  That really it wasn't hard at all.  He would know, he did most of the rolling.  And I suppose if you have a pasta maker then this would actually be quite easy.  Either way it was absolutely delish!

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Cheeze Sauce
inspired by Skinny Bitch

Ravioli Noodle Ingredients
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup warm water

Butternut squash filling
1 small butternut squash
1/2 cup Daiya Mozzarella Cheese
1 tbsp butter
1/2 cup chopped pecans

Cheeze Sauce
1 cup Daiya Mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup Almond Milk
2 tbsp Shoyu sauce
2 tbsp tahini

To prepare dough for noodles, whisk together flour and salt in a bowl.  Slowly stir in water with a fork until dough is stiff.  On a lightly floured surface knead dough until smooth, about 15 minutes.  Cover with a clean towel and let stand 20 minutes.  Divide dough in half and roll very, very thin.  Less than 1/16th inch thin.  With pizza cutter, slice dough into 3 inch squares.  After dough is cut, you can take each square and roll it out even thinner. 

To prepare butternut squash filling, slice squash in half length-wise. Scoop out seeds. Place cut-side down in bottom of greased roasting pan.  Bake at 400* for 45-60 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool. (If you are pressed for time you could also try steaming the squash, but this method works well if you start with the squash and while it is baking prepare the rest of the recipe)

Scoop squash from the skin and place in food processor with butter and cheese.  Pulse a few times until mixed together.  Stir in chopped pecans.

Brush warm water on edges of each noodle square and scoop about 2 tbsp mixture into each square.  Fold square in half forming a triangle and press sides together until closed tight.  As you are folding the ravioli, it is ok to stretch the noodle dough around the squash filling.  You want as much filling in each one as you can manage.  None of ours broke open so you should be safe.  If your dough is too thick however, the ravioli will not taste as good.  So roll, stretch and pull until you have thin dough.

To cook ravioli, bring large pot of water to boil.  Place ravioli in boiling water and boil for 4-5 minutes until ravioli float and are soft. 

Meanwhile, in small sauce pan, heat milk and cheese until melted.  Add shoyu sauce and stir in tahini. 

Serve ravioli on a bed of wilted greens (we rinsed and chopped our greens and placed in colander.  After ravioli was cooked, we poured boiling noodle water over the greens in the sink to wilt them).  Top with about 1/4 cup cheese sauce.  Sprinkle with more chopped pecans.
Ok, that wasn't so hard, was it?  If you are in a hurry you could prepare all the pieces in advance and throw this meal together in just 10 minutes!  It was so, so good!  I really miss ravioli and this did the trick!  Now I have so many great filling combinations floating through my head!  I can't wait to make this again!

Alright...back to the grind.  While I work, enjoy these photos from yesterday!
Poor little gal.  Not feeling well at all!
After a nice long nap she began to cheer up a little.
We spent a lot of time outside in the warm sun taking in all the fresh air.
Despite the sick baby and extra children, we all had an awesome day!
The sun of course helps!
Have a great day!

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  1. I do the same thing whre I cook a ton at once and then don't feel like doing a lot of full-blown cooking.

    Yay for sunshine! It really does help so much.