Sunday, April 3, 2011

My longest distance since the marathon

At some point last week I vowed to cook a few homemade dinners for you folks.  I mentioned how busy we have been lately and how I cannot seem to find the time to get in the kitchen.  I promised to write a menu-plan and do some grocery shopping...remember that?  

Oh how I wish I could share with you how I have succeeded, and thus have a few delectable recipes for you.  Quite the contrary, I seem to be addicted to eating out!  But let me get to that in a moment.  First I have big, important news to share with you...


Well 6.3 to be exact!  Most of my girlfriends were running the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k in Charleston yesterday, so the boys invited me to join them for their 9-miler.
Not to be out done by the girls in Charleston, I pushed through my own 10k, completing it in one hour.  Then I waved the boys on to complete the rest of their run and I enjoyed a leisurely 2.5 mile walk to the house.  It was a sunny day and I basked in the warmth as I strolled along. 

Before the run I fueled with these goodies:
Upon arriving home, Mr. Kummerow was ready for some after-run fuel and he rushed me out the door to Smoothie King.  At this point it was 6pm, and I was still determined to cook dinner that night, it would just be a late night.  Then the Kosals called inviting us out to dinner, and because we love them so much (and eating out) we agreed.  Mr. Kummerow slurped his smoothie (I stuffed mine in the freezer).  We showered quickly and were at dinner by 7pm.  Gone were my dreams of eating in!  

After dinner we created this amazing dessert:
Oreo Cereal!  I had these little guys leftover from our road trip last weekend.  Rather than attempt to dunk them in milk, we drowned them in milk and ate it with a spoon.  So yum!

Cereal was all I wanted for breakfast this morning.  I was not feeling very well.
I learned today that we would be having a concert and dinner tonight at church.  Of course we will be that will be Eat In Attempt #2 Failure!

I am now home from church, enjoying lunch while typing this post:
Trader Joe's Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus on Great Harvest Dakota bread, steamed broccoli and my leftover smoothie from last night.  

We are heading back to church in just a few hours so until then I am heading outside to enjoy the sunshine with Mr. Kummerow.  Tonight when it's not so nice I will type up my new 2011 goals.  Talk to you then!

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