Monday, April 18, 2011

the Monday Grind

Orange-you glad it's Monday?  I know, for most people Mondays are sort of a stick in the mud.  But I get excited for Mondays.  A fresh start to a new week.  Some of the things that get me going on a Monday include my morning routine with Mr. Kummerow.  We have a system down that includes drinking a liter of water and doing a morning devotional together.  For a complete run-down of our morning routine check out this post.

Starting my morning and my week off with Mr. Kummerow puts me in a good mood.  Some times we have breakfast together, and sometimes I opt to wait a while after he's gone.  But either way, mornings together are delightful.

To get your week off on the right foot, it also helps to have a job that doesn't always feel like job.  I know this seems like a luxury to most.  I may even seem a bit spoiled with my awesome job...and I don't mean to brag.  But I truly believe there is that perfect fit for everyone where your life and work converge to create a job that is more like a passion than it is work.  I don't believe in toiling.  I do believe in working hard, but it is fun when your hard work is exactly what you want to spend your days doing anyhow.  That is where I am in my career and it feels great.  It's not to suggest that I don't have "bad days" but the good certainly outweigh the bad.

Finally, to beat the Monday blues, don't wait until the weekend to have fun.  Plan exciting things throughout the week to keep you entertained.  Make Monday nights date-night.  Then you have something to look forward to on a Monday morning.  Mr. Kummerow and I have fellowship groups on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  We look forward to meeting with our friends and eating together, sharing together, laughing together.  These evenings always feel more like a Friday or Saturday night, rather than a week-night.  It really helps pull our week together in a fun and enjoyable way.

This Monday morning I started off with a big bowl of oranges.  Three to be exact.  I read the book Skinny Bitch a few months ago and they suggest eating only fruit for breakfast.  I explain why here, but despite the benefits, it is really hard to not start my morning with a hearty, rich breakfast.  Since coming down with the crud, oranges seem to be all I crave lately.  So I took the Skinny Bitch approach and ate my bowlful of oranges for breakfast.  About an hour ago I started to feel a little hungry again so I ate a fourth orange.  Now I'm just holding off for an early lunch. 
Beside my oranges sat my to-do list, waiting to be tackled.  Top of the list is the office.  Cleaning the office has been on the list for about 3 weeks now.  On Friday I finally began to tackle it.  Sunday night Mr. Kummerow helped me with some furniture arrangement and this morning I finished the organization project.  Of course finishing that to-do list only lengthened my wish-list: new shelves, file cabinets, get the idea.

After Saturday's storms ripped through the Carolinas (and most of the East Coast) we were left with a warm and mild Sunday.  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and celebrated Alina's (Mr. Kummerow's mom) birthday with a Highland Games Adventure!

The Loch Norman Highland Games were held this week-end in Huntersville.  We bought four tickets for $20- a bargain from LKN Savings!  We packed a picnic lunch and headed down after church.
Mr. Kummerow will now be referred to as Lord Forbes on this blog.  Forbes is his Scottish Clan and even his middle name is Forbes.  The Forbes Clan were apparently a very well-to-do, successful bunch and one gentleman named Alexander became Lord of something or another.  Because of his namesake, Mr. Kummerow is officially changing his cyber persona to Lord Forbes.  (At least for the remainder of this post!)

Lord Forbes and I enjoyed the event, but mostly it was just vendors trying to sell their cheap Scottish-replica paraphernalia.  We did have fun watching the sheep-dogs wrangle their ducks and sheep into pens.
It seems like an anti-vegan thing to enjoy, but it was all in good least at the games.  There were no animals harmed on the premises.

Lord Forbes certainly enjoyed his Gaelic Ale.
Ok, ok, maybe one was for Ron.

I on the other hand enjoyed our picnic.
The fresh-air was helping me feel better, so I ventured away from the smoothies and stew and enjoyed Chickenpea Salad and hummus with carrots, sweet potato chips, flat bread and grapes from the back of the jeep.
Alina and Ron got the good seats and were able to swing their legs over the "tail gate"
We spent most of the afternoon perusing the booths and enjoying the sunshine.
My favorite find of the day:
"You Blow It, You Buy It!"

Before long we all tired of the atmosphere and headed home.


Well we almost made it home.  But we were in Huntersville afterall...and who can turn down perfectly good TCBY when you are so close!  Look they even had orange flavored sorbet.  Just.For.Me.
After a pit stop for sorbet and frozen yogurt, we said goodbye to Alina and Ron and Lord Forbes and I settled in at home for a productive evening.  He graded, I read blogs.  (I did do a little work cleaning the office afterall.)  Finally around 8:30 I gathered an appetite and finally ate the BBQ Burrito I ordered to-go from the Flying Biscuit Cafe on Saturday.
Um. Yes.  As good as I expected.  Even two days old!  You gotta try that place if you are near Charlotte!

And now, back to the Monday grind.  If you can call it that when you love your job as much as I do!

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