Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Friday and Happy Earth Day!  Don't forget to swing by Starbucks for a free cup of coffee or tea if you bring in your own mug!  It's barely 8am and I have already taken advantage of my free cup this morning!

Lord Forbes and I had a "morning date" but this one was without the 5am wake up and movie.  Nah, instead we just went for free coffee and then bagels at our favorite little bagel shop: NY Bagels.  I have never been to New York and I don't know what the bagels taste like there...but if they are anything similar to the ones we get at this little delicatessen then I can understand all the hype.  The other bagels in town just don't compare. 

I also hear Lowe's is giving away free trees on Saturday for Earth Day and I think I heard somewhere that the local Rita's is giving away free Italian Ice...but I could have made that up.  Have you heard of any great specials for Earth Day?  I love how we can create awareness in a fun way!  I just saw a tweet to decrease your footprint, go Vegan for the day!  What a great idea!?  It is just one day...just for Earth Day.  Try it out and see the fun you are missing out on 364 days of the year! 

I'm sitting here in my home office listening to this very random noise wondering what it could be...when I finally glanced out the window and realized that it is the sound of rain on my rooftop!  How long has it been since we have had rain that I would forget the sound?  Just less than a week!  Man it must have been a long week, as most are before any vacation!  I was convinced all day yesterday that it was Friday.  Alas it is Finally Friday and I am gearing up for a full week in Hilton Head!  Has anyone been there?  Can you recommend some good restaurants, night life?  This is the advantage to having a teacher-husband...spring break, summer break, fall break and winter break.  Can't beat all those vacation days when I also have a job that allows me to work from where ever I am!  Somehow work is always more fun when you can listen to the waves roll in on a sunny, sandy beach.

Last year we visited Myrtle Beach for Spring Break/Lord Forbes' birthday.  Check out some of these fun memories:
Check out all that long hair!  And Lord Forbes' clean-shaven face!  Oh, how times have changed! 

Not only do we get to go on a very fun vacation this week, but there is also another very special event going on: Easter.  This weekend we get to remember the life and death of our Savior.  Tonight is a sober reflection of his torturous death on a cross, and on Sunday we celebrate his resurrection, that we may be forgiven for all of our sins.  Despite our exciting weekend in Hilton Head, Lord Forbes and I are sad we will not get to celebrate Easter at our own church, so we scoped out a few churches for us in HHI.  If you live near there and are planning to attend church on Sunday, let me know...maybe we will go with you! 

Tonight our church is hosting Stations of the Cross from 6-8pm so we will get to experience that before leaving tomorrow morning.  If you are local and would like to go with us check out the details on the website or email me.  It is an amazing experience and our church does a really great job of presenting Jesus' life and death for us to reflect on through several stations throughout the church. 

Last year Lord Forbes was in the Easter drama representing Joseph of Arimathea.  He grew his beard super long (not necessarily for the play).  It is so funny to look at the photos of "The Beard" now!
It doesn't even look real!  For his transformation from beard to clean-shaven check out this blog post.

It is very funny to look back at the blog.  This time last year I was still a mess, trying to figure out my life and how the blog fit into it.  In April of last year I posted just 5 times.  Already this month I have written 23 entries. 

These were my words 1 year ago today:

...trying to figure out this blog thing

So once again I am considering the theme of this blog. Or maybe I am still considering it, as in I never figured it out before. I have been reading through my past blogs and trying to get a feel for what my focus is. As in the blog has its own personality, and I'm just trying to get to know it. I want this blog to be user-friendly. I want there to be a purpose. And I want my readers to have a reason to read it. Who is my audience, and why would they read my ramblings? So here I go...I'm going to re-title my blog once again and name its personality. I considered all things, what I wanted my readers to read, who I wanted my readers to be, what the focus should be. Well, while it is still a broad focus, it is generally about me, or more specifically my life. What is most important in my life: God, and then of course Alex. I want my readers to be my family and friends, not necessarily strangers. And I guess I want this blog to serve a purpose for them...that purpose will be to keep them up to date on what is going on in my life, or again, more specifically, mine and Alex's life. So that is it: its just a blog about what is new with us. You can read and find out what we are up to, what we are doing and where we are. 

Short and sweet.  I certainly have become long-winded!  I would like to think that I have also found my niche, a comfortable place that this blog fits into.  And it isn't at all what I described in this post.  I think this blog is as much for strangers (let's be real we really aren't strangers anymore) as it is for friends and family.  And it is so much more than just a recap of the Kummerow's lives!  It is about faith and food and emotions and trials and successes.  I think this blog has come a long way and I am in love with what it has become! 

What are your thoughts? Any suggestions for the blog?  How about Hilton Head dining and church suggestions?


  1. I love Hilton Head! My grandparents used to own a timeshare down there and we would go 4 times a year.
    Since we hung out mostly at the house on our vacations I can't give you too many recommendations for restaurants and night life but I do highly recommend Truffles Cafe. (There are 2 locations on the island and one just off the island). It's very good.
    Also, Savannah is only 45-50 minutes away from the island and we usually go down for dinner at least once during the week although there's a lot in Savannah to see if you wanted to go down earlier in the week.
    Have a great time!

  2. You have the best smile in pictures- you always look SO happy!

    I love NY Bagels, too. The sad part is... they know me. I might be slightly addicted :)

    I think blogs are always evolving, so no pressure to decide on one focus!