Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hilton Head Day 2

Although Saturday was not a full day of vacation, it sure felt like one...in a good way.  Vacation days always seem longer than ordinary.  Our first full day on the island was Sunday, but we will call it day 2 anyway.

We began with a quick bike ride to check out the beach.  We are staying in Shipyard Plantation.  I read awesome reviews of this area of the island and I have to agree with everything I read.  There is so much close by to see and do.  For us, we are just a few minutes from the ocean.  It makes coming and going to and from our condo very easy to do.  Thus we began Sunday morning with a quick trip to see the coast.
We enjoyed a morning devotion from Joel Osteen's book Become A Better You.  We had just enough time to read and pray before heading back to the condo to get ready for church.  Our pastor recommended Providence Presbyterian Church.  The minister had visited our church several times and Doug knew him a little.  Of course we rode our bikes to church...even in our Easter best!
Bikes beat cars!
Like many churches on the island, it was beautiful with great scenery.  We couldn't keep our eyes on the pulpit because we were staring out the windows during the service!  Of course a photo shoot ensued as we left church.

But Sunday wasn't about the views really.  Of course God created all this beauty, but we were focused on something greater, the resurrection of our savior and the hope of everlasting life!  Jesus died on a cross that we may be saved.  Choosing to believe in Jesus and have faith was an extraordinary moment for me in life and I am so blessed that I live this enlightened life.  Easter was very meaningful for me this year.  So many years past it has been all about the basket full of candy and even just about the family that we gather with, but this year it wasn't about all those things.  It was about the relationship I have with Christ and how important that is in my life.

Of course I celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Island-Style.
After lunch, Lord Forbes and I spent the afternoon on the beach.  Lunch was a combo of leftovers and my go-to meal, Eggless Salad.
The leftovers were from Mellow Mushroom...pretzels and hoagie.  Lord Forbes plate looks quite a bit more interesting (but I wouldn't share my hoagie leftovers!).
I slathered on the sunscreen and my afternoon went a little something like this:
Not a bad way to spend Easter if you ask me.

Despite the SPF 50, I still managed to get entirely sunburned, so unfortunately this has been my only chance to lay out all week.  I am starting to feel a little relief from the heat, so maybe tomorrow I will make it back out in the sun!

On our quick walk back from the condo we spotted these little guys:
So cute!  They thought we were going to feed them so about 18 of them came out to say hello!

Of course that's when we noticed the head poking out of the drainage pipe just steps away!
He didn't move the entire time we were standing there.  I was actually not very frightened at all considering I was standing mere feet from an alligator.  Lord Forbes and I continued to pretend that we were feeding the turtles who began to swim all around the gator and it almost felt normal that we should be within arm's distance of an alligator!  Come on, crazy right?

Well of course after all that we needed a drink.  We biked around for the afternoon checking out some local shops and landed at the Tiki Bar at the Holiday Inn, just a short bike ride from our resort.  There we enjoyed great views and a fruity cocktail.
We split it but Lord Forbes claims he drank all of it!
You may have noticed that I haven't been indulging in my usual glass of wine lately on the blog.  I decided some time ago to take a break from drinking.  I don't have a problem with drinking but felt that there were areas of my life that needed attention and fasting from drinking could only help.  While on vacation I have decided to let loose a little and enjoy a drink or two.  Saturday night I helped Lord Forbes with a bottle of bubbly and on Sunday I shared this concoction with him.  But he is right to an extent, even the champagne (my favorite) was a little harder to drink than usual and I found myself satisfied after just one glass.  A few sips was enough for me from this sweet and fruity beverage as well.
After people-watching at the bar for a bit, we were on our way back to start dinner.  Sunday's Easter Dinner was certainly one to write home about...but unfortunately not in this blog post.  It was an adaptation of Morgan's Pasta Alla Formiana.  I changed a few steps and it really turned out great!  I am so excited to share this easy and satisfying meal with you!

After dinner we went for a long and tiresome bike ride on the beach.  On Hilton Head Island, the sand is so compact you can ride bikes on it!  How awesome is that?!  We were gone for over an hour and the winds picked up making our evening ride more like a sweaty workout than a casual stroll.  It was dark when we finally made it back (somehow without getting lost!) and hit the hay early. 

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Hilton Head?  Lord Forbes and I both agree this is one of our favorite vacation spots of all time and can you believe it is less than 5 hours from home?!  We are already talking about our next trip down here!

Where is your favorite vacation destination?

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  1. Awww, I'm glad you guys love HHI as much as I do! I'll be down in a couple weeks for my mom's b-day and can't wait!